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Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3:10-4:15 PM

Before school by appointment: 7:15-7:40 AM



About Me

Graduated from Michigan State University in 2014, and completing my teacher prep program from  the same (awesome!) institution, I am proud to be joining my new Spartans as the latest addition to the English team! I have worked with diverse groups of students during my time at MSU, ranging from teaching International students to interning at one of Michigan's best high schools teaching MYP English to 9th and 10th graders. I am new to Texas, and excited to explore my new home. 


Contact Information

Email: paige.baker@springbranchisd.com

Yo hablo español




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Click here for the Books of Literary Merit Outside Reading Assignment

Click here for the "Books of Literary Merit" list  (Remember, if you choose a book that is not on this list, it must be approved BEFORE you start reading!).

Books may be purchased, or checked out from the library.

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Late Work 

No matter how well you do on big assignments, it is impossible to do well in class without doing the homework and making sure it gets in on time. I do not assign busy work, and therefore every assignment I give has a purpose. If you are not completing the assignments I have given, you are not practicing the skills you must learn and know to be successful in this class and all other English classes. 

Late work as the result of an EXCUSED absence: You will have the same amount of time you were absent to make up the work. For example, if you miss one day, you will have one full school day to make up the work. See student hand book for more details.


Make sure you are turning your assignments in on time! Turning in assignments on time can mean the difference between a whole grade level! 

Make-up Policy

 If you are absent the day a major project or essay is due, you must turn in the project or essay the day you return. If you have been absent for an extended period of time (severe illness, family emergencies), please meet with me.  Make up tests or quizzes not completed with a calendar week of the student's return to class will receive a score of zero, so please be sure to make arrangements with me as soon as possible!

It is the student's responsibility to get late work!  

Departmental make-ups are on Thursdays after school. Remember, it is your responsibility to arrange for a makeup, so be sure to get with me as soon as possible.  In cases of an extended absence, special arrangements can be made - please be sure to contact me either in person or via email so we can work these out.






Tutorials and Things You Need to Know

I am available by appointment; please either send an email or talk to me before or after class. I promise I'm not that scary. 

I'm also available before school from 7:15 and after school until around 3:45. 

Department make ups: Thursday after school

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Class Assignments & Homework


Now THAT'S What I'm Talkin' About!