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I am a Stratford grad and am proud to be back at my alma mater! I graduated from TCU with a Bachelor's degree in Secondary Education & English/Language Arts/Reading and also hold my Masters in Education. This is my sixth year at SHS and my ninth year teaching. I am happy to be teaching the best of the best! Go Spartans!

My Class Schedule


Period 1: Conference

Period 2: English III GL

Period 3: English I PreAP

Period 4: Study Hall

Period 5: English I PreAP

Period 6: Conference

Period 7: English I PreAP

Period 8: English III GL

Remind 101

Text the number 81010 with the message @wolfPREAP (9th) or @wolf3 (11th) to join your class group!

Important Links


Ninth Grade Summer Reading List

Eleventh Grade Summer Reading List

PreAP Summer Reading links:

Ender's Game

Pride and Prejudice

(Isaac's Storm and A Northern Light not available online)

English I PreAP


IMPORTANT DATES:       (Six Weeks Calendar)

April 19

 Intro Quiz

April 26

Act I TEST and packet due
May 8-9
Biology, Algebra I EOC

May 10
Act II-III TEST and packet due

May 16
Act IV-V TEST and packet due

May 22
Timed Writing 

May 24
R+J Projects due

May 29-June 1




AP Lit Terms       List #2

I missed the Socratic Seminar. Now what?!?!?! Click here: Socratic Essay Instructions

Quote Blending [Ferrari / Mercedes / Focus]

Short Story Unit Resources

Elements of a Short Story Packet

Lamb to Slaughter PDF

The Scarlet Ibis PDF

The Cask of the Amontillado PDF

The Necklace PDF

Plot Chart

Nonfiction Outside Reading Resources

NFOR Project Handout


To Kill a Mockingbird Resources

TKAM Survival Guide

TKAM PreAP Vocabulary

Map of Maycomb

TKAM Journals: TKAM Journal Instructions      Punctuation Guidelines


The Odyssey Resources

Vocab #1   Vocab #2

The Odyssey (textbook pages)

SG Intro     SG 1    SG 2    SG 3    SG 4   SG 5

Odyssey Test Review (Fall 2017)

Odyssey Timeline

Of Mice and Men Resources

Socratic  OMM Vocab


Fahrenheit 451 Resources

Journal Instructions

Study Guides: #1  #2 #3

Socratic Seminar   


Romeo and Juliet Resources

Creative Project Options

Study Guides: Act I     Act II     Act III      Act IV     Act V

English III Grade Level


IMPORTANT DATES:       (Six Weeks Calendar)

Policies and Procedures


This course is designed to build reading and writing skills. All students will be expected to complete classwork in an organized and timely manner, with a pacing that allows all students to seek assistance from both their peers and me. 

All students will need the following supplies:

  • Blue or black pens
  • Red pens
  • Notebook paper
  • Binder or folder (can be shared with other classes)
  • A novel for independent reading (for the first few weeks, this will be your summer reading book)


Make-up Work:

If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get missed work.  If you are absent the day a major project or essay is due, you must turn in the project or essay the day you return.  You will not be reminded.  You will have one week to make up tests or quizzes you miss, or you will receive a grade of zero.  In cases of an extended or long-term absence, special arrangements will be made.  If the student’s absence is excused for a school activity for which he has advance notice, he should be prepared for class with completed assignments when he returns. Extracurricular activities are not excuses for putting off making up work or assignments.

Departmental make-ups are on Thursdays after school.  


My tutorials are Thursdays after school and by appointment. Should you need to schedule a time earlier before school or later after school, please let me know at least two days in advance so I can make arrangements to be here.


Late Work:

Work is due at the assigned collection time. No late homework or daily class work will be accepted unless you have been absent. Major assignments will be penalized 15 points per calendar day if turned in late, unless extenuating circumstances are approved by the teacher. (If your paper is due on Monday and you turn it in on Tuesday, it is -15 even though you did not attend that class on that day. If you turn your paper in on Wednesday, it is a -30). Overall, do not turn in papers late! Also, truant students will automatically receive zeroes for any work due or completed the class period the truancy occurred.  

Remind 101


Remind 101 is used to help students keep on top of assignments. This is a free service for students and parents to receive one-way text messages from the classroom teacher. I will use Remind to send notices of upcoming assignments, tests and projects. It is highly recommended for both students and parents to keep up with our curriculum.

To sign up, text the number 81010 with the message @WOLFpreap for 9th Grade Pre-AP/GT courses or @WOLF3 for 11th Grade Level courses. 

Shakespeare Studies