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About Me

  • Houston native
  • Stratford class of 1997
  • UT Austin class of 2001 (BA English; Education Minor)
  • 17 years teaching experience (3 at Dripping Springs High School near Austin; 14 at Stratford)

Matt Darroh's Schedule



Period   A Days B Days
1/2 Conference
3/4 English III ECP English III AP
5/6 English III ECP
English I Pre-AP
7/8 English III AP
Office Hours


Current Assignments

English I Pre-AP 

Please consult six-week syllabus provided in class

English III ECP

Monday, 10/2--Address questions about controversy mapping essay; distribute and complete pre-writing worksheet for introduction; begin typing rough draft; check three highlighted sources

Homework: Two complete, typed and double-spaced pages of controversy map essay due next class

Wednesday, 10/4--Complete controversy map timeline assignment; check two complete paper pages; distribute and discuss synthesis templates

Homework: Revise two synthesis paper pages utilizing templates

Friday, 10/6--Peer review and check paper pages; continue drafting controversy mapping paper

Homework: Complete, typed draft of controversy paper (4-6 pages double-spaced, 12-point font) due next class 

Wednesday, 10/11--Reminders about controversy map; begin peer editing worksheet

Homework: Final controversy mapping paper due to Canvas (UT RHE 306 college "shell") by 9:00 PM, THIS TUESDAY, 10/17

Friday, 10/12--Finish peer editing worksheet; work on revision

Homework: Final controversy mapping paper along with peer editing worksheet due to Canvas (UT RHE 306 college "shell") by Tuesday 9:00 PM

Tuesday, 10/17--Finish revising controversy mapping paper; submit along with peer editing worksheet

Homework: Final controversy mapping paper along with peer editing worksheet due to Canvas (UT RHE 306 college "shell") by 9:00 PM TONIGHT; research summary re-writes (failing grades only for a 70) due Friday--hard copy in class

Tuesday, 10/31 // Thursday, 11/1--Continue conferences regarding controversy map paper revisions; final, revised controversy map revision AND revision worksheet due to Canvas by 9:00 PM FRIDAY

Monday, 11/6 - Lesson: Audience, argument, and venue

Wednesday, 11/8 -- "Speech to the Virginia Convention" + assignment completed and turned in; "Concession, Refutation, and Rebuttal" -- begin in class, and finish for homework

Friday, 11/10 -- Collect homework; discuss persuasive essay assignment; classical argument template and worksheet

Homework: Finish reading and highlighting classical argument template notes and completing worksheet; persuasive essay typed, printed draft due Thursday

Tuesday, 11/14 -- Collect and return homework; work on persuasive essay rough draft

Homework: Typed, printed persuasive essay draft due next time

Thursday, 11/16 -- Persuasive essay peer review

Homework: Persuasive essay AND peer review due to canvas by 9:00 PM 12/4

English III AP

10/2 // 10/3--Address questions about Scarlet Letter ch. 1-6; take quiz; APMC #1; work on reading and notes

Homework: Work on Scarlet Letter reading and notes

10/4 // 10/5--APMC #2; discuss DIDLS and rhetorical analysis essays; take notes on structure; sample prompt and partial essay; begin reading, annotating, and discussing Scarlet Letter rhetorical analysis passage #1 

Homework: Scarlet Letter ch. 7-13 quiz 10/11 // 10/12

10/6 // 10/10--Scarlet Letter passage 1--jigsaw activity and presentations; work on reading and notes

Homework: Scarlet Letter ch. 7-13 quiz next time

10/11 // 10/12--Address questions about ch. 7-13; take quiz; work on reading and notes

Homework: Quiz Tuesday // Wednesday over remainder of Scarlet Letter

10/13 // 10/16--Extra credit info.; vocab. #37-41; APMC #3; rhetorical analysis passage #2

Homework: Quiz next time over Scarlet Letter chapters 14-24

10/17 // 10/18--Address questions about the final chapters of Scarlet Letter and take quiz; begin Scarlet Letter "Great Books" video

Homework: Scarlet Letter test Monday // Tuesday

10/19 // 10/20--Finish "Great Books" video; rhetorical analysis passage #3 and vocab

Homework: Scarlet Letter test next time; packets and books due (if checked out from me)

10/31 // 11/1--Return persuasive selections packet; take vocab. test; continue packet

Homework: Finish persuasive selections packet for next class

11/2 // 11/3 -- Timed writing

Homework: Persuasion test 11/14 // 11/15 + packets collected

11/6 // 11/7 -- Huck Finn "Great Books" video; calibrate timed writing from last class; begin peer review

Homework: Persuasion test 11/14 // 11/15 + packets collected

11/8 // 11/9 --  Conclude timed writing peer review; distribute introduction to AP argumentative essay assignment and begin

Homework: Persuasion test 11/14 // 11/15 + packets collected

11/10 // 11/13 -- Discuss persuasion test review; discuss argumentative essay; review Scarlet Letter tests; return "Evil, Not Rage" essays; distribute Huck Finn packets and issue books

Homework: Persuasion test next time + 2 packets (persuasion and AP argument) due; Huck Finn chapters 1-11 quiz (includes * vocab.) Thursday // Friday

11/14 // 11/15 -- Collect packets; take persuasion test; issue Huck Finn books and packets

Homework: Quiz next time over Huck Finn chapters 1-11 (includes * vocab.)

11/16 // 11/17 -- Address questions about Huck Finn chapters 1-11; take quiz; discuss chapters 1-11










If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get missed work. A long term project/assignment for a major grade should be turned in the day a student returns to class. If the school dertermines a student's absence is unexcused due to truancy, no credit will be given for an assignment. If the student's absence is excused for a school activity for which he has advance notice, he should be prepared for class with completed assignments when he returns. Extracurricular activites are not excuses for putting off making up work or assignments.



I will normally be available for tutorials from 3:00-3:30  Tuesday afternoons, Thursday afternoons, and mornings/other times by appointment. Students are encouraged to see me with any questions or concerns about what we're covering, make-up work, etc.

Grading Policy


The impact of individual assignment grades on a cumalative 6 weeks average will vary each six weeks because there will not be exactly the same number of assignments during each of the six weeks periods. As a general rule,  however,  here is the relative weight of different kinds of grades:

Short assignements/quizzes/daily work count once
Paragraphs/longer assignments or quizzes count twice
Essays/major tests/projects count three times