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About Me

This is my sixth year teaching at Stratford High School, and I am excited to begin a new school year teaching English II and English II PAP. 
In addition to my professional experience, I am also a Spring Branch ISD, Texas A&M and HBU alum. I attended Spring Branch schools starting in elementary school at Frostwood, attended Memorial Middle School, and graduated from Memorial High School.  I am a Texas A&M graduate with a B.A. in Psychology and minors in Journalism and English.  I also have a M.Ed. in Counseling from Houston Baptist University.  I have three children, Maddie-11th  grade, and Jack-10th grade here at SHS, and Melanie-6th grade at Spring Forest Middle. My husband, children and I enjoy living in the Stratford America community!  



Holt McDougal online textbook:


Password and username are provided in class.

Edmodo Codes are provided in class

Turnitin.com class codes

Stratford High School Summer Reading 2014

Remind 101:
English II PAP - Text @suerthPAP to (469) 518- 2603
English II - Text @suerth to (469) 518-2603


 Class Handouts and Links:


Fall final exam review part 1

Fall final exam review part 2

Fall final exam review part 3

Shakespeare Packet - GL and PAP

    Caesar Background 

    PPT Notes Shakespeare

Shakespeare PowerPoint

Shakespeare/Caesar PPT

ACT I NOTES - Review for Quiz 2

ACT II NOTES - Review for Quiz 3

ACT III NOTES - Review for Quiz 3

ACT IV NOTES - Review for TEST 


STAAR/EOC Testing tips PowerPoint

Research Topics - 5th 6 Weeks

Research Project Phase 2 handout

Research Project Phase 3 handout

English II Pre AP: 

Course Syllabus

Embedded Quotes lesson

Lit Terms packet

Harrison Bergeron Homework

Pedestrian Homework

Vocabulary for Short Stories

Paper Requirements - Dystopian literary analysis

RUBRIC - Dystopian Literary analysis

There Will Come Soft Rains short story

LOTF introduction

Vocabulary Chapters 1-6

Dialectical Journal Instructions - LOTF

LOTF Study Questions Chapters 1-5

Rhetorical Devices and Persuasive Vocabulary

LOTF Study Questions Chapters 6-10

Vocabulary Chapters 7-12

Rhetoric PPT

Test review

Persuasive Essay Planning Page 

Dialectical Journal rubric

Sample Journal entry - Simon

Sample Journal entry - Piggy's Glasses

Logical Fallacy PPT

Greek Theater PowerPoint

Antigone Vocabulary

Tragic Hero Worksheet

Character Journal Instructions

Motifs in Drama homework

Character Journal Sample Page 1

Character Journal Sample Page 2

Study questions Scene 1-2 and archetypes

Study questions Scenes 3-4

Skit Project Criteria

Final Exam Review

Shakespeare Web Quest

Julius Caesar Act I-III Vocabulary

Act I Study Questions

Project Choices - JC

Act II Study Questions

JC Act IV-V Vocabulary

Act III Study Questions

Act IV Study Questions

PPT - SOAPSTone & Rhetorical Analysis

AP List of Outside Reading Books for 5-6th six weeks 

5th and 6th Six weeks outside reading assignment

Banned books for outside reading

Intro to poetry homework 3/3

Back of poetry intro for 3/3

Poetic Language homework front / back

Animal Poem prewriting

Poetry Test Review

Research Project Phase 1 Packet

Research Topics

Night discussion questions

Vocabulary for A Separate Peace Chapters 1-5

Dialectical Journal Assignment for ASP

Vocabulary Chapters 6-12 ASP

ASP discussion questions for chapters 1-3

Socratic Seminar response/reflection questions

Final Exam Review Spring 2015

English II:

Course Syllabus

Summer Reading Project Requirements

"Bass, River & Sheila Mant" homework

"Hair" homework

Vocabulary for Short Stories

Literary Analysis Planning Page

LOTF Vocabulary Chapters 1-6

Character page instructions

LOTF Chapter 1-2 study questions

Blank character page

LOTF Chapter 3-4 study questions

Vocabulary Chapters 7-12

LOTF Chapter 5-6 study questions

Test chapter 1-6 review

LOTF Chapter 7-8 Study Questions

Persuasive Essay Topic

Persuasive Essay Graphic Organizer

Persuasive Essay Rubric

Rhetoric Notes

Tragic Hero worksheet

Antigone Vocabulary

Poetry Project

Scene 1 and Scene 2 study questions

Final Exam Review

Shakespeare Web Quest

Julius Caesar Vocabulary Acts I-III

Study Questions Act I

Project Choices - JC

Act II Study Questions

JC Vocabulary Acts IV-V

Act III Study Questions

Act IV Study Questions

Test Review Extra Credit

Timed Writing Planning page

Timed Writing Graphic Organizer for GL

Narrative Essay PPT

Persuasive Essay PPT

Expository Essay PPT

Intro to Poetry front / Intro to poetry back

Poetic Language homework front /back

Animal Poem prewrite

Graphic organizer for Animal Poem Rough draft

Poetry Test Review

Research Project Phase 1 packet

Animal Farm Vocabulary for chapters 1-5

Animal Farm Web Quest

Animal Farm Study Questions Chapter 1

Animal Farm Study Questions Chapter 2

Vocab for ch. 6-10 AF

Chapter 1-5 notes for test 

Test review for Ch. 1-5 test (EC)

AF Study questions chapters 6-7

AF Study questions Chapters 8-10

Socratic Seminar Response/reflection questions

Final Exam Review Spring 2015


Kathy Suerth


English II GL/PAP Summer Reading Requirements for 2017-18

 English III GL/Accelerated/AP/ECP Summer Reading Requirements for 2017-18 

My Schedule:

A Days     B Days
Period 1: Conference

Period 2: English II PAP

Period 3: Study Hall

Period 4: Conference
Period 5: English II Period 6: English II PAP
Period 7: English II PAP

Period 8: English II 



       Our department makeup test day & time is Thursday afternoon from 3pm-4pm.

If the student needs to make up additional work, it is his or her responsibility to arrange for

a time to do so or come during one of my regular tutorial times.



Tutorial times are Tuesday and Thursday after school. Mornings are by appointment only. Please see me beforehand if you plan to stay after for tutorials. I am usually here, but it is a good idea to let me know.

Class Assignments & Homework




English II:  

First six weeks Calendar

Second Six Weeks Calendar

Third Six Weeks Calendar

Fourth Six Weeks Calendar

Fifth Six Weeks Calendar

Sixth Six Weeks Calendar

English II PAP:

First six weeks Calendar

Second Six Weeks Calendar

Third Six Weeks Calendar

Fourth Six Weeks Calendar

Fifth Six Weeks Calendar

 Sixth Six Weeks Calendar

Please ask me now to sign up for my "Remind" text messages in order to receive text reminders about assignments, materials needed for class, and other pertinent information.

Class Supplies Needed:

1 Composition notebook
pens, pencils, highlighters
binder or folder

note cards - any size

*Pre-AP students will be asked to purchase outside reading throughout the year for various assignments.