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  • john.huntsman@springbranchisd.com

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  • I'm originally from Farmington, New Mexico.  I attended Macalester College and Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary.  I have been teaching English for ten years in San Antonio. I currently teach English 2 and coach volleyball and soccer 2. 



Make Ups and Re-testing policies:

from the SBISD English Handbook, https://www.springbranchisd.com/campusmenus/backtos...

"Most teachers make major assignments at least a week in advance; therefore, students who are absent generally have some idea as to what class work is in progress during their absence. After an absence of five consecutive days or more, students should contact the school to secure assignments which are not available from classmates. It is the student’s responsibility to complete work missed while absent from class. 

The following are general statements covering make-up work: 

1. Students who miss class must make up the work. Students will receive credit for make-up work except in the case of a documented truancy. 

2. It is the student’s responsibility to make arrangements with teachers for make-up work prior to or immediately upon returning to class. 

3. Make-up work, especially tests, may be of an alternate version to more accurately measure what the student has learned. 

4. Students who have pre-approved absences are expected to notify the teachers of the classes they will miss in advance and request assignments. The work is due at the first class meeting following return to school. 

5. All make-up work from the prior grading period must be completed and a grade assigned before the next grade report (progress report or report card). 

6. Teachers may assign a late penalty to any project turned in after the due date in accordance with previously established guidelines approved by the principal and disseminated to students. 

7. Whether a student is absent one or five days, make-up assignments and tests must be completed. Make-up assignments for absences will include the following schedule (unless prior principal approval is received): 

1st day absence ........ day following return to class 

2nd day absence .......... 2 days after return to class 

3rd day absence .......... 3 days after return to class 

4th day absence .......... 4 days after return to class 

5th day absence .......... 5 days after return to class 

6th day absence .......... 5 days after return to class, unless prior approval given by principal. 

8. Students who receive home-based instruction will receive full credit for all assignments completed. 

9. Students absent for school activities should be prepared for class when they return and be prepared to complete work missed while absent from class.



I offer tutorials on Wednesdays from 7am to 745, and after school from 430-530