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My dad always said, "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life," and he was right!  This year marks my sixteenth year in Spring Branch, and my twenty-fifth year in teaching.  This is my fifth year as a teacher at Stratford

Prior to Stratford, I taught at Spring Forest Middle School for nine years, with three of those years spent in the Special Education department, and the remaining six teaching seventh and eighth grade Language Arts.  To say that I love what I do would be an understatement - I get to come to school every day to work with a wonderful group of kids building their identities as readers, writers and thinkers.


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Jennifer Schaefer


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Over the course of this year we will work to build your skills in analysis, organization, and composition while studying major works of literature, both with the class and independently.  We will read a wide variety of genres, including short stories, novels, drama, and poetry, as well as various nonfiction pieces. Likewise, we will write in an equally wide variety of genres.  Finally, because my classroom is structured after the "workshop" model, you will have regular opportunities to practice and build important life skills including time management, planning, collaboration and self advocacy.  It is imperative that you come to class every day with the necessary materials, and are ready to learn!

My schedule is...

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1st Period


2nd Period

English IV AP/GT

3rd Period

English IV AP/GT

4th Period


5th Period

English IV AP/GT

6th Period

English IV AP/GT

7th Period

Study Hall

8th Period

English III




Late Work 

The number one thing you can do to be successful is to do the work to the best of your ability, and turn it in!  This not only allows me to see where you are, and help you get to where you ought to be, but it also is a requisite skill for being successful not only in an academic sense, but also in life!  To that end, late work is not accepted.  If I see that you seem to be struggling with completing and turning in your work on a regular basis, I will be happy to meet with you to see how I can help you to get back on track.  

Make-up Policy

 If you are absent the day a major project or essay is due, you must turn in the project or essay the day you return.  Make up tests or quizzes not completed with a calendar week of the student's return to class will receive a score of zero, so please be sure to make arrangements with me as soon as possible!

Departmental make-ups are on Thursdays after school. Remember, it is your responsibility to arrange for a makeup, so be sure to get with me as soon as possible.  In cases of an extended absence, special arrangements can be made - please be sure to contact me either in person or via email so we can work these out.






Tutorials and Things You Need to Know

I am available Tuesday mornings from 7:10-7:40, and  after school from 3:20-4:00, or by appointment


Class Assignments & Homework



First assignment

Click here for a screen shot of the DRII Instructions

Click here for the TPCASTT fipchart, including step-by-step guidance for each part of the process

Click here to see "A Dream Deferred" TPCASTTed

Click here to see a poor example of a TPCASTTed poem with notes

Click here to see a good example of a TPCASTTed poem with notes

Click here to see the best example of a TPCASTTed poem with notes

Click on the link below to browse through "poetic possibilities".  You may choose any of the poems from the Poetry Palooza Scoop It!, from the Poetry Organizer, or you may also choose a poem on your own (just be sure to talk with me first about point value!).

Click here for the SOAPSTone Powerpoint


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