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Charlotte McHale graduated from Mary Baldwin College in 2000 with a Bachelor's Degree in English, one minor in Vocal Performance, and one minor in Women's Studies. This is her tenth year teaching, and she has spent eight of those at Stratford High School. Her passion is teaching, and she hopes to instill a passion for learning in her students.
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Class Information


Please visit https://sbisd.itslearning.com/index.aspx for information on my classes.  Thanks.



This year, Mrs. McHale will hold tutorials on Tuesday mornings at 7:15, and Wednesday after school, or by appointment.  You may attend tutorials for extra help or to make up work. Tutorial schedule is subject to change.

Mrs. McHale’s Schedule


       1. Conference

3. English III AP/GT- 316

5. English III AP/GT- 316

7. English III AP/GT- 316

       2. Conference

4.  Study Hall- 316

6.  English III- 316

8.  English III- 316

**Spartan Time – 316 (Thursdays after 4th Period)



Every Thursday after school, the English department holds a make-up session.  The schedule of dates and locations of these sessions is posted on my bulletin board in the classroom.  Thus, if you have a test or quiz to make up and it is work that I will still accept, make note of the appropriate date and location on the schedule, and that test or quiz should be waiting for you in make-ups.  Note: make-ups are only for students who have missed a test or quiz on a specific date, and if a reasonable period of time has already passed and you have not made that test or quiz up, it is possible that you will not have the option to do so.  Thus, if extenuating circumstances exist that you feel merit an exception to this policy, please come to me in advance to politely discuss them.  Finally, if you plan to attend make-ups, please be prompt.