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My personal website will house all pertinent information for English II Pre-AP and UT OnRamps DC, including assignments, calendars, etc.

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Contact Information

  • amy.hulshizer@springbranchisd.com

About Me

  • This is my fifth year here at Stratford HS. I spent the previous 7 years teaching at Northbrook HS.  I earned degrees in English and History in 1997 from Sam Houston State University and then a Masters in Education from Texas A&M University in 2004. I currently teach  Pre-AP World Literature and 11th UT OnRamps Dual Enrollment,  but I have taught seventh through twelfth English as well. 



OWL at Purdue

This is a great resource for proper formating in regards to writing.

Class Information


OnRamps is a dual-enrollment course, which means that you may earn credit through the UT Austin University Extension for RHE 306 in the fall and RHE 309 in the spring in addition to earning high school English III credit. The UT course is taught via distance by a UT Austin instructor in the OnRamps program.  Your high school instructor is responsible for assigning high school grades and determining high school English III credit. The OnRamps Instructor of Record is responsible for assigning college grades and determining college eligibility and credit.  

English II Pre-AP provides students with an overview of World Literature while preparing them for the Advanced Placement classes in their junior and senior years of high school.  Students will understand how literature is influed by social environment as they read selections from across the world.  Students will learn the art of using rhetorical devices in persuasive writing as well as creative techniques in narrative writing.  Students will learn how to analyze literature critically, how to construct a persuasive argument, and how to write a research paper.  Students will receive instruction to help improve SAT scores, and will develop college-readiness skills invaluable to their post-secondary pursuits.



If a student is absent, it is his/her responsibility to get missed work.  A long term project/assignment for a major grade should be turned in the calendar day a student returns to school. If the school determines a student’s absence is unexcused due to truancy, no credit will be given for an assignment. If the student’s absence is excused for a school activity for which he has advance notice, he should be prepared for class with completed assignments when he returns. Extracurricular activities are not excuses for putting off making up work or assignments.




Tutorials are held Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings from 7:05am to 7:45am and Thursday afternoons from 3:00pm to 4:00pm.


Other tutoring times can be made by appointment. Students are encouraged to see me with any questions or concerns they have about class work, makeup work, or extra credit.


Department make-up: Thursday after school

Daily Schedule


First Period:      Team Planning

Second Period:   Office Hours

Third Period:      10th Pre-AP English

Fourth Period:    Conference

Fifth Period:       10th Pre-AP English

Sixth Period:       UT OnRamps DC

Seventh Period:  UT OnRamps DC

Eighth Period:     10th Pre-AP English