Laura Ramlal





Contact Information

  • laura.ramlal@springbranchisd.com 
  • Room 107, 104

About Me

I have been signing since childhood and I am so excited to continue the ASL program for Spring Branch!  This is my third year in the district and 8th year teaching ASL as a foreign language at the high school level.  I received my degree in Speech Therapy & Psychology from the University of Houston while furthering my study of ASL and Deaf Culture.  While attending UH, I tutored struggling ASL students and developed my passion for teaching.


1. Be on time.

2. Show respect for  yourself and others. 

3. Be open to learning (participate!)

Voiceless Class & Culturally Appropriate Behavior(CAB) Grades:

In order for students to become successful at visual communication, I will not be using my voice during most of the class. 

  • During class activities and lessons, students will demonstrate Culturally Appropriate Behaviors by:
    • Communicating without voice.
    • Making eye-contact and focus on whoever is signing.
    • Actively participating(signing) with partners and teacher.
    • Using Deaf Culture attention getting techniques:
      • Raising hand for questions
      • Waving hand for attention
      • Tapping shoulder to summon someone
  • ​By immersing each other in the language and cultural norms, students will internalize the language and have fun doing so!


Student Resources



-Assignments, vocabulary videos, tutorials, and class resources found here.

How to login to ItsLearning from a district computer.

Logging in from home or iPad.

To reset your student password:

713 251- TECH (8324)


*Requires class code to join.

-Used to submit video assignments.

Class Schedule


A Day:

1st Period ASL 2 #107
3rd Period ASL 2 #107
5th Period Duty, CONFERENCE
7th Period ASL 2 #104

 B Day:

 2nd Period ASL 1                                                                     #107      
 4th Period ASL 1  #107
 6th Period ASL 3 & Study Hall  #107
 8th Period CONFERENCE  



Make-ups will be after school by appointment.

The student must schedule the make-up on the day he/she returns to my class.



Tutorials are available after school by appointment and online via ItsLearning.

Class Assignments & Homework


Tips for success: The 4 Ps

  • Patience
  • Persistence
  • Practice
  • Purpose

Students who are patient with themselves and others, show up to class with purpose, actively practice on a daily basis, and persist when they are struggling will reap the benefits.  Participation is key!  Learning ASL is much like learning a dance, sport, or musical instrument; you must do it to learn it.  

Students who participate daily in the activities and lessons will excel because they are building muscle memory.

Practice the vocabulary and finger-spelling daily to build dexterity and muscle memory.

Pay attention in class: ASL is visual, you must listen with your eyes.

We will be using online resources for some assignments.