Peter C. Jagdeo




Contact Information

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  • Office - 713-251-3451
  • Fax - 713-251-3420

About Me

  • I am the Associate Orchestra Director here at Stratford. I direct the Camerata Green orchestra, and act as the assistant alongside Mr. Fahey for the other orchestra classes. I am also the Music Theory instructor, both at the AP and standard levels. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Music Education from the Moores School of Music at the University of Houston. I have played the violin for over nineteen years.





Class and Rehearsal Schedule

  • Music Theory (AP and standard) - students will need to download Finale Notepad, a free program; or have access to a comparable or better music notation program. Some part-writing assignments will need to be completed with this program. Manuscript paper is also necessary.
  • Camerata Green - I am the primary director for this orchestra. Mr. Fahey will also be assisting this orchestra. Our sectionals will occur on Tuesday afternoons, 4:30-5:30.
  • Symphony, Camerata Gold, Philharmonic - I am the assistant director of these orchestras. Instructional time will be shared between Mr. Fahey and myself.

Class Schedule:

  • 1 - Conference
  • 3 - Direct Camerata Green
  • 5 - Assist Symphony
  • 7 - Music Theory

  • 2 - Assist Camerata Gold
  • 4 - Assist Middle Schools
  • 6 - Assist Philharmonic
  • 8 - AP Music Theory



Please remember that Music Theory (especially the AP class) is geared towards being a college-level course.  As such, there will be strict guidelines regarding the timely completion of quality work.

  • Classwork and homework may only be made up for valid, excusable reasons.  Makeup work will count for full credit, but must be turned in within the allotted time for full credit. 
  • Test grades may be retaken only if the original grade was an F, for a maximum possible grade of 70.
  • Projects and long-term assignments may be granted extensions or waivers only under certain tragic or uncontrollable circumstances.  Usually, makeups or redos are not permitted for these assignments regardless of the resulting grade.
  • Late work will be penalized by one letter grade for each class day late.  Late work a week (or more) old will not be accepted.





 Theory tutorials are available Monday afternoons, by appointment 3:15-4:15.  This may change as the year progresses and my schedule becomes more solidified.