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Scott Elmore


A Days                                B Days 

Period Class
1 Web Design (rm 235)
3  Conference (rm 235)
5 Study Hall (rm 238)
7 Business Image Management (rm 238)
Period Class
2 Web Design (rm 235)
4 Conference (rm 235)
6 Business Image Management (rm 238)
8 Business Image Management (rm 238)


Makeups and Tutorials are Thursday after school, or by appointment. 


BIM Second Semester Exam Review

Student Access to itsLearning

Web Design Blogs

First Period
Shkaib Abdullah
Jackson Allred
Jacob Asbury
Jose Ayala
Hayyan Babar
Lilly Baird
Allison Civallero
Ben Dodson
Victoria Dowdy
 Daniel Figuroa
Josie Gainza Cazzaly
Cade Harger
Steven Martinez
Shafay Memon
Rafaela Pardo
Brett Payne
Jack Reynolds
Anyi Shen
Joshua Shergur
Angela Villareal Rodriguez

Second Period
Gavin Bailey
Alex Byrd
Keith Ferguson
Khalid Hassan
Adam Kiker
Kerlymar Leon Maldonado
Trevor Lockstedt
Fathi Lubani
Caden Martin
Matt Mohammadi
Kris Money
Austin Muckridge
Alex Osomma
James Presley
Tobi Rabon
Culwell Rice
Tim Suttle-Pullum
Luis Torres

About Me

  • This is my fifth year teaching at Stratford, and I could not be at a better school!
  • I am a Spring Branch ISD alum, graduated with a Business degree from Baylor Univ. with double major in marketing and real estate
  • I will be teaching a variety of classes in Career and Technology, and help out with BPA
  • I am faculty sponsor for both the Stratford girls and boys lacrosse clubs. I am also the head coach for the girls lacrosse club.
  • In my spare time, I am a high school basketball official as well as a women's high school and college lacrosse official.