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I'm in my 13th year teaching journalism, photojournalism and yearbook. This is my first year at Stratford High School. I'm thrilled to be at Stratford as I graduated from here. I hope that when students exit my classroom, they will be skilled writers, graphic designers and photographers with a strong work ethic. I have been married 27 years and have two daughters - a married Aggie who lives in DC and another at the University of Arkansas. 

  • BA in journalism, General Business minor, Sam Houston State University
  • Former reporter for two south Texas newspapers, Calendar Editor and feature writer for Houston Family and KATY magazine. 
  • 10 years as Public Information Officer for the Houston Fire Department.
  • Marketing Communications at American General. 
  • Taught journalism and photojournalism and advised newspaper and yearbook staffs for 12 years at Cy-Fair HS, Cypress, Texas




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*Mnemosyne is the name of the goddess of memory - pronounced Nem-OSS-uh-nee (because everyone asks!)

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Journalism, Yearbook, Photojournalism


Welcome to the wonderful world of journalism! 

Interesting in being part of a publications class (yearbook or newspaper) and learning real-world skills? Enroll in Journalism I or Photojournalism to begin your journey and be prepared for the next step. 

Students in my classes will learn the graphic design, photography and writing skills using professional software - Adobe InDesign CS6,  Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Bridge on desktop Mac computers. 

Journalism 1 students should bring plenty of paper and pen every day for notes. They should also have a notebook with folders to store handouts. A flash drive is helpful to save assignments. 

Photojournalism students must each purchase a memory card before they will have access to any classroom cameras during the school day. We do not have enough classroom cameras for every photojournalism student so students are encouraged to bring a camera for every class. Classroom cameras will be loaned to students an as-needed basis only. Students will not be able to use them if they do not have their own SD card (memory card).  Students should bring the card and a camera to class EVERY DAY.   Cameras can be typical "point-and-shoot" types or phones, or digital SLR cameras. If students choose to use their smart phones, they must carry a cord to upload the photos to the computer for editing purposes. 

All Journalism Department students eat during B lunch

Class Assignments, Tutorials & Homework


Yearbook students must meet up to six final deadlines each year in order to complete the book on time and guarantee delivery before the end of May. They will know well in advance what they will be covering and the due dates for each assignments. Deadlines are not flexible as they are dictated by the publisher. Late submissions could delay the delivery of the book and result in extra fees. 

Rarely will students have homework in my classes, unless it is to interview or take photos. Remember that all work assigned will be graded. Students may come to my classroom after school or during a study hall to make up assignments or for tutorials, if they have arranged this with me beforehand.  Deadlines are KEY in all of my courses, so students who have been absent are responsible for making up missing work right away.  Ten points are deducted from the grade for each calendar day a deadline is missed, so it is extremely important that students meet all assigned deadlines. 

Students in Journalism I or Photojournalism who demonstrate exemplary work can publish their photographs, videos or stories in the school newspaper, The Oracle, the yearbook, the Mnemosyne or on the school website. They can also apply to the Mnemosyne or Oracle staffs after satisfying the prerequisites of either Journalism I or Photojournalism.