All of the classes help produce content for The Oracle, the student run newspaper,The Mnemosyne, the student run yearbook and shsoracle.com, the online branch of the newspaper. Students are held back only by whatever restrictions they place upon themselves. They have been encouraged to look at the dummy pages on the far wall and to contribute ideas and material. There is a need for writers, artists, photographers, editors and online bloggers. 




1. Conference

3. Newspaper 1,11,111, Independent Study Journalism

5. Newspaper I,II,III, Independent Study Journalism

7. Newspaper 1,11,111, Independent Study Journalism

2. Journalism I

4. Newspaper I,II,III, Independent Study Journalism

6. Study Hall

8. Conference

Tutoring is available every day before school from 7:10- 7:40 and on Wednesday from 3-3:30. I also can arrange to stay after any other day if you let me know ahead of time.



 Journalism Education Association

University Interscholastic Press Association

National Scholastic Press Association

American Scholastic Press Association

Oracle online: shsoracle.org


youbube.com/stratfordoracle for all the latest videos and morning announcements



Staff policy



This class is run like a small business. The editors are in charge of overseeing the production of each issue of the newspaper. They produce a 16 page issue every 3 weeks and submit new material for the online edition every single day. Please feel free to check out their work on spartanoracle.blogspot.com

Students are encouraged to also work on photos, stories, graphics, or comics on their own and "pitch"the idea to the section editors. Again, this is ust like they might have to do later in life in their chosen profession.

Some of the skills they will master  in this class are time management, confidence In talking to strangers, selling their ideas, and taking pride in their work. Student sneed to keep track of any awards that the newspaper wins over the course of the year as they will want to list those on their college applications and/or scholarship applications. 

My job, you may ask, as adviser is what? I like to think of myself as the publisher of the paper.I make sure that the ads staff has sold enough ads to publish the paper,to check pages for acceptable content, to monitor the sections, and to keep the equipment, and personnel running as smoothly as possible.I am here to help the students become all that they can dream to become.

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