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  • I am a graduate of Baylor University and the University of St. Thomas.  Although I originated from Tennessee, I have lived most of my life here in Texas and Houston (Spring Branch) has been my home for the last 17 years. 
  • This is my 1st year at Stratford, my 1st year as a counselor, and my 27th year in education.  I love being a part of the Spartan community as my daughter is a freshman here.
  • Among my duties are individual and group crisis counseling, SAP group administrator, Club Coordinator, Spartan Time Coordinator (along with Mrs. Mennes, Mrs. McGee, & Mrs. Russo), No Place For Hate Coordinator (along with Mrs. Mennes, Mrs. McGee, Mrs. Russo, and Ms. Taller), Campus 504Coordinator, GT identification facilitator, At-Risk Coordinator, Character Without Question coordinator, and Shattered Dreams Coordinator  I like to say that I have just about the best job in the building because I get to talk to kids 1:1 so much of the time.
  • In my spare time I enjoy outdoor activities, the beach, biking, dancing, walking, traveling, and reading.


Lynn Hollister, Student Services Counselor


Lynn Hollister, MEd., CSC.

Student Services Counselor

 Accommodations for ACT and SAT for 504 Students

If you are a 504 or STAT student planning on taking the ACT or SAT next fall and want to receive accommodations, you need to go to the ACT and College Board websites and begin the process of getting approved for those accommodations as it takes 8 weeks for approval.  You will need to read and see if your testing needs to be updated prior to approval and get that done this spring.



Accommodations on ACT or College Board Exams

If your child wishes to receive accommodations on ACT or College Board exams, make sure to fill out the consent forms and send them to me the semester before your child intends to take the exams.  

I apply for accommodations about once every two weeks for a number of students at a time because it is a lengthy process.  In addition, it may take College Board 7-9 weeks to conclude their review process and award accommodations.

Please check the websites for both ACT and College Board for due dates for accommodations requests for the test your child wants to take.

If your child is currently in 8th grade and wishes to have accommodations in 9th grade on their PSAT test, they need to have their 8th grade counselor apply for those accommodations in the spring.  The deadline for applying for accommodations for the October PSAT is the first week of school, and there is no way I could possibly complete the application process for all new 9th graders in a week's time in addition to all other daily responsibilities and duties as the Student Services Counselor.