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Stratford Tennis Tryouts 2017-2018

Please keep in mind that players that keep winning can keep moving on in tryouts. Please plan accordingly. You may be trying out for more than one day. 

Incoming Freshmen (not qualified in USTA):      

Thursday, August 3rd 8-11 AM

Freshmen Team from 2016-2017, Lower JV (spots 7-12) from 2016-2017, and any new sophomores, juniors, and seniors:                         

Friday, August 4th 8-11 AM and 4-7 PM

Upper JV (spots 1-6) from 2016-2017:                 

Monday, August 7th 8-11 AM and 4-7 PM

Varsity from 2016-2017 and any incoming freshmen that are USTA qualified (championship/super championship):

Tuesday, August 8th 8-11 AM and 4-7 PM

Wednesday, August 9th 8-11 AM and 4-7 PM


All tryouts follow the same format. Players are initially ranked based on their previous year’s rank or championship/super championship status. If a player is new to our program, they will start at the bottom with the opportunity to move up with wins.

Once we initially rank, players are divided into groups of 4. Each group of 4 plays everyone in their group (we usually play mini-matches with ping pong scoring). At the end of those matches, the top two players will move up and the bottom players will move down based on their win/loss record. If there is a tie between two players, the head-to-head winner wins. If there is a 3-way tie, we determine position by the points won in losses. We continue this round robin style in groups of 4 until we reach a point where we have a lineup.


We keep 12 girls and 12 guys on each of our three rosters: Varsity, Junior Varsity, and Freshmen. Traditionally, we keep almost all of the freshmen on the freshmen team to allow for as many sophomores and juniors as possible to play on the JV.

If a student doesn’t make one of the three teams, they are invited to join the PE tennis class or become a tennis manager. Managers are allowed to practice with the team, but they are responsible for getting the team’s water, helping coaches out, etc.

Requirements to Tryout:

In order for a player to be able to tryout, they must bring a copy of their physical to the tryouts. A player will NOT be allowed to tryout if they have not gotten a physical. We also need a copy of their insurance card and all of the online athletic paperwork to be completed.

Fall Schedule 2016



Varsity Nathan Clos Junior Varsity Andrea Quinones Freshmen
Alena Nederveld Norman Bui Sarah Ledbetter Kevin Rochelle Catherine Hastings Franco Grimoldi
Meredith Egger Alec Belcher Carol Gebhart Joseph Kim Jessica Bucek Alex Lamprecht
Erin Miller Arturo Benitez Paris Johnson Jacob Makiyama Yo Kimura Jadon Lau
Heavin Oh Takumi Haratsu Crystal Wilson Liam Hartgrove Catherine Wu Tatsuki Maeda
Guinndalyn Cloud Evan Vickery Caroline Hastings Seena Mehrdad Tran Banh Dylan Dunavin
Bella Cofran Ahmad Soussi Belynne Rice
Ben Nederveld Caroline Harper Harrison Bush
Jade Pearl Jordan Meza Melissa Rueda Colin Criswell Jillian Dooley Jacob Ferrari
Nina Elez Jackson Zweifel Sydney Simmons Dan Tatulescu Nahomi Frutiz Daniel Bang
Porsche Robinson Michael Von Blon Tu Banh Muhammad Khalid Irie Woods Kevin Cheraghi
Azelia Lau Nico Guarin Kaitlyn Kwon Cooper Murphy Yazmeen Abdullah
Chloe Lampasas Chazz Spiers Caroline Bucek Luis Martinez Joy Meyers
Sini Lehtinen Evan Chan
Lindsey Richardson Jaycee Campbell




Head Coach: Tom Courson

Assistant Coach: Crystal Fain


About Us:

Tom has been passionate about tennis for close to half a century now! He played on scholarship at Texas A&M before trying his hand in summer satellites for 7 years. He comes to us as the head coach after serving as the assistant coach for 10 years. 


Crystal has loved tennis since she started playing at 13. She was super championship qualified in 16s and 18s and went to the 4A state tennis tournament as a high school senior. She then played at Washington and Lee collegiately and still plays adult tournaments currently. 




Team Rules



In Class Practices for JV and Varsity begin at 1:40 PM (Regular Schedule), 1:50 PM (Spartan Time Schedule), and 1:20 PM (Pep Rally Schedule). Practice for Freshmen begins at 9:30 AM. We will start warmup and fitness exactly at that time. After school workouts begin at 3:15 PM. Any player that is late will run 5 suicides after practice.

You will be expected to be dressed out (no excuses). Do not second guess whether there is practice in your preparation each day. Have your clothing and equipment available regardless. Failure to dress out will result in a 5-point grade deduction in your six-week final grade each time the first and second time it occurs. On the third time, you will be dismissed from the team. If you are more than 10 minutes late after practice begins without a valid note or pass, you will receive a 5-point grade deduction in your six-week final grade for each infraction.

Outside appointments (doctors, dentists, etc.) should be scheduled at a time that does not interfere with practice or matches while in season. Please schedule these appointments on days you do not have after school practice. Again, we recommend taking your private tennis lessons or clinics on non after school practice days. If for some reason, you need to take a lesson on a practice day, we must know prior to noon on the day of practice.

Studying on the bench is not an option instead of practicing. Prepare for your academic needs in advance. Unless absolutely unavoidable, please makeup tests and go to tutorials on your days when you do not have after school practice. If you ever have to makeup a test after school, you must inform a coach prior to noon on that day and bring a signed note by the teacher upon completion of the test. Players are expected to return to practice after the test if time allows. Make up exams should be done during the generic session before school as your first choice over missing practice.

If you are ever injured or too sick to practice, we must have a doctor’s note or an email from a parent – otherwise, you will be expected to participate.

All tennis balls must be picked up at the end of each practice. Players will run 1 suicide for every ball that a coach has to pick up after practice.

Travelling to Tournaments/Matches

Not everyone will travel every match/tournament. We play a lineup that is best for the entire team. When traveling to matches, all players are expected to ride the bus with their team. Parents may pick you up for a return ride if they have filled out the online form prior to the match. No other person (including other parents) may pick you up from an away match even with a note.

Call a coach immediately if a sudden illness or injury prevents you from playing. We pride ourselves on our history of always having a complete field of players ready to compete and it takes time to find alternates.

Challenge Matches

We play challenge matches every Wednesday that you have in class practice. Challenge matches are 1 regular set (first to 6, win by 2) no-ad. In the Fall, you are expected to play two challenge matches each Wednesday you are in class. If you are unable to finish your second challenge match, you must set up a time with your opponent to finish the challenge match on your own time. It must be finished prior to the next Wednesday you play challenge matches. If one person refuses to play the match or communicate about a time to play, that person will default. In the Spring, you are expected to play one challenge match each Wednesday you are in class.

Home Matches

For all home matches, all players (playing and not playing) are required to attend until at least 5 PM to support their team. Failure to do so will result in 5 suicides the first time and a discussion about dismissal after that. 

Spartan Tennis Records


FALL TEAM DISTRICT CHAMPIONS: 1987,1992,1994,1995,1998,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004
1ST. Round: 1987,1995,2007,2008, 2009
Quarterfinalists: 1991,1996,2005,
Semifinalists: 1992,1993,1994,1997,2000,2001,2003,2004,2006,2010
Finalists/State Quarterfinalists: 1998,1999, 2002
Boys Team: 1987,1991,1993,1994,1995,1999,2000,2001,2002,2003,2004,2005
Girls Team: 1988,1989,1992,1993,1998,1999,2000,2001,2003,2004,2005,2008, 2009

Ellen Hopkins/Mary O’Rourke: Champions-1979

Nancy Dingwall: Finalist-1991,1992
Nancy Dingwall/Lisa Dingwall: Champions-1993
Lisa Dingwall: Quarterfinalist-1994
Erich Holzer: Quarterfinalist-1994
Erich Holzer: Finalist-1994
Justyna Gudzowski: Semifinalist-1995
William Lee: Quarterfinalist-1995,1996
Shirley Mendoza: Quarterfinalist-1996
Megumi Shinozaki: Quarterfinalist-1998
Alex Cequea: Quarterfinalist-1998
Milosz Gudzowski: Quarterfinalist-1999,2000,2001
Michelle Chuang/Meg Shinozaki: Quarterfinalists-2000
Andy Courson/Rodney Vickers: Quarterfinalists-2001
Jibran Mohammadi: Semifinalist-2001
Milosz Gudzowski: Finalist-2002
Andy Courson/Rodney Vickers: Finalists-2002
Rodney Vickers: Finalist-2003
Christopher Price: Semifinalist-2004
Nyssa Peele/Andrea Villasana: Semifinalists-2005
Anna Djananova: Quarterfinalist-2005
Carlene Leyden/Anna Djananova: Quarterfinalists-2006
Thanasi Skafidas/Rita Diaz: Quarterfinalists-2006
Lucy Herrera/Carlene Leyden: Quarterfinalists-2007
Carlene Leyden/Monica Pieratt: Quarterfinalists-2008
Monica Pieratt/Hannah Byatt: Quarterfinalists-2010
Nick White(87): Leeds University
Shannon Bennett(87): Emory University
Luke Drury(90): St. Edwards University
Nancy Dingwall(93): Texas A&M University
Kirstin McStravick(93): Southwest Texas State
Butch Davis(94); Harvey Mudd College
Sasha Hanna(95): Florida State University
Erich Holzer(95): Dartmouth University
Tierre Miller(95): Jackson State
Justyna Gudzowska(95): Rice University
Andrew Phillips(95): Rice University
Shirley Mendoza(96): University of Wyoming
Kevin Fine(96): Carnegie Mellon
Lisa Dingwall: Texas A&M University
William Lee: Harvard University
Jasmina Redzic(97): College of St. Mary
Stephanie Briggs(99): Washington and Lee
Alex Cequea(00): University of Texas-Pan Am
Meg Shinozaki(00): University of Texas-Austin
Marcelina Gogol(00): Virginia Intermount
Milosz Gudzowski(02):  Yale University
Jibran Mohammadi(02):  Tyler College/ Davis Cup-Pakistan
Andrew Kennedy(02):  Southwestern University
Rodney Vickers(03):  Texas Tech University
Erin Higgs(03):  Jacksonville State University
Will Davis(04): MidWestern University
Adam Ewing(04): McMurray College
Harry Stephens(04): University of Texas-Dallas
Andrea Villasana(05): Lee College
Anna Djananova(06): University of Houston
Nyssa Peele: Texas State University
Christopher Price: Duke University
Brett Mays(08): Trinity University
Carlene Leyden(08): University of Texas-Austin
Nancy Dingwall                           Andrew Phillips
Joyce Chu (Fina S/A)                    Teddy Kapur (V)(Fina S/A)
Erich Holzer                                  Justyna Gudzowska (V)
Amy Chang                                   Anna Kuhn
David Stockel                                 Erin Condon
Igor Frenkel                                   Jackie Price
Amie Jan                                        Jamie Connatser
Stephanie Briggs                            Garrick Malone (V)
Jerry Sun (V)                                  Ravi Murthi
Shaulnie Mohan (V)                       Michelle Chuang
Chris Sweet                                     Milosz Gudzowski (V)
Andy Courson (V)                           Jason Su (V)
Jamie Sun (GHS/A) (V )                 Andrew Hsu (*GHS/A) (V)
Kathleen Mechler (GHS/A) (V)     Rita Diaz (V)
Taylor Surles (V)                            Kyle Butler (V)
Laura Bateman (V)                        Thanasi Skafidas (V) (*GHS/A)
Kevin Pham                                    Michelle Kan (V)
Brett Mays (V) (GHS/A)                Steven Pham
Vanessa Robinson (V)                    Carlene Leyden (V) (*GHS/A)
Griffin Byatt                                   Robert Yancy
Jacinta Leyden (V) (H)                        Nathan Lo (V)
Jack Chirichigno                             Sarah Yancy (V)
Hannah Yancy                               Chelsea Kaplun
Julia Hatridge (V)                    Kevin Wang (V)
Paul Nguyen
GHS/A= Greater Houston Scholar/Athlete finalist
*GHS/A=Greater Houston Scholar/Athlete winner
Fina S/A=Fina All-State Scholar/Athlete
H=Heisman Scholar /Athlete