Elmore, Scott
(Faculty Sponsor/Head Coach)

Allie Dawson
Assistant coach

Brandin Leblanc
JV Coach

Lindsey Lee
JV Coach

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We field a varsity and a JV squad. Always looking for more players, as we want girls who want to play and be successful, not just in lacrosse, but all aspects of life

Team Information and Highlights


Lacrosse is a club sport, and is one of the fastest growing sports in the country. 

Girls lacrosse combines the fast pace and offensive/defensive concepts of basketball and field hockey with the field spacing of soccer and ultimate Frisbee, the hand-eye coordination of tennis and softball, the fitness of runners. In other words, it combines aspects of many other sports all rolled into one unique experience. 

Basketball players in particular make great transitions to lacrosse, as the offensive and defensive concepts are very similar.

In a nutshell, if you give it an honest shot, chances are you will fall in love with lacrosse.

Stratford Girls Lacrosse is an officially recognized club sport on campus, with a faculty sponsor and all the privileges that association with the school brings. 

The statements below might answer some of your immediate questions:

  • We field both a varsity and a JV team
  • Regular season is in the spring, when district games begin in February to qualify for playoffs. 
  • Fall off-season workouts help with conditioning and skill-building for those not involved in other sports. We also participate in fall offseason tournaments and scrimmage playdays which provide excellent opportunity to learn the game and grow as players.
  • We do welcome girls that play other sports, or otherwise involved in other school-related extracurricular activities, and can work with you to accommodate your schedule when able to do so
  • If you are interested, it is not too late! Visit the team registration website listed below for more information and to register to play.