Certified Athletic Trainers

Head Athletic Trainer: Melissa Quigley, MS, ATC/LAT, CSCS


Office: 713-251-3460

Cell: 850-377-2052


Asst.Athletic Trainer: Marianne Landon, MAT, ATC/LAT


Office: 713-251-3461

Cell: 713-898-2658


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SHS Sports Medicine Philosophy-

The combination of sports and academics can be a tremendous experience in a young person’s life. In order to achieve success at any endeavor it takes dedication, hard work, and enthusiasm. To be your best in sports medicine there is no substitute for proper, intelligent practice. As an educator and an athletic trainer, it is our job to push you towards becoming your best. For many, the price of success is too high and they are content to wallow in mediocrity. It is hard to make the necessary sacrifices but it can be done. IT IS HARD TO BE A WINNER, BUT IT IS WORTH THE EFFORT. The most important factor in success besides hard work is the concept of TEAM. An athletic trainer must place the importance of the team over that of the individual. As a player you should never think only in terms of self-goal. Instead, think in terms of team success and you will reach your individual brilliance. All student athletic trainers are vital to the team. As a student athletic trainer, you must accept the role assigned to you by the licensed athletic trainer because this is where they honestly feel you can best contribute to the success of the team. We must start thinking in terms of WE instead of I.



Student Athletic Trainers Wanted!

Student Athletic Trainer Try-outs are held in April each year.  Please contact Melissa Quigley or Marianne Landon for more information.


Why Should I Become a Student Athletic Trainer? 

Knowledge and application of Hands-on Medical SKILLS 


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Universal Job skills:  Professional Networking, Communication Skills, Budgeting, Time Management, Responsibility 

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