Stratford Spartans


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Contact Information

About Us


Mary Jackson (Room 236)

Lauren Yonkin (Room 350)

Executive Board:

Ellie Pena - President

Jasmine Choi - Vice President

Presley Graves - Student Relations

Allie Rincon - Secretary

Ellie Gex - Treasurer

Kaitlyn Kwon - Historian

Ben Howell - Parliamentarian

Emma Holland - Philantropist

Committee Chairs:

Catherine Parnell - Philanthropy

Sean Daly - Energy and Environment

Kyle Goodson - D.A.S.H.

Katherine Kaiser - Pride and Patriotism 

Underclassmen Officers:

Cullen Hannigan - 11th Grade President

Zamar Salas - 11th Grade VP

Taylor Yun - 10th Grade President

Maddie Dawson - 10th Grade VP

Service Opportunities


  • Pull tabs for Ronald McDonald House - 1pt/5 pull tabs - 15pts max(75 tabs)
  • Surveys - 7pts (outside MJ’s room)
  • Donut Money - $5 = 5pts- 5pts max
  • Games - 5pts home - 7pts away (No more selfies unless they rip your ticket!)
  • Family Dinner/Activity - TBD with your families - 10pts each
  • Choir/Band concerts - 7pts
  • Play - 10 pts
  • Cans 1pt/2 cans

SHS Student Council Announcements



Remember meetings are in Room 350!!

Check out the Calendar for all thing StuCo :)

STUCO 2017-2018 T-SHIRT- $10 - Stop by Room 236 or text your Family to purchase!

Interested in the Student Council Constitution? Click Here



Where are you with points?? Check below!

Click HERE for the spreadsheet for 6TH 6 WEEKS!! (Req. TBD) Last one of 2017-2018 school year, let's make it a good one!!!

Have questions about points?

Come by Room 236 for more information!

Why do we do the activities we do?? Check it out HERE



If you missed anything come find your group leader or stop by Mrs. Jackson room (236)

    • Check your points!
    • Things get lost (We’re all human!). Check your points on the spreadsheet, and make sure that they are accurate. Feel free to text Allie Rincon for any problems, and don’t wait until the last minute! 



2018-2019 Executive Board Officers

Annie Goss

Cullen Hannigan

Georgia Harper

Cooper Murphy

Blake Robinson

Zamar Salas

Tala Salek

Isabella Terrazas


2018-2019 Committee Chairs

Charlotte Benes

Hannah Keller

Cole Oliphant

Ruby Poonawala


2018-2019 Underclassmen Officers


Class of 2020 President: Taylor Yun

Class of 2020 VP: Katherine Whelen

Class of 2021 President: Brett Payne

Class of 2021 VP: Reese Leif