Share A Smile

We're Striving to be the Best

From providing the best possible curriculum and learning opportunities to your students, to building and maintaining state-of-the-art-facilities and learning environments, we strive to be the best. This determination to be ‘the best’ extends to the lasting connections we make with students, families, colleagues and our community. We have always been a good school district...but we're focused on being a great one.
It's not just what we do in the classroom that impacts our's about the community we create together.  Call it a mission, a calling, or a passion. However you define it…and whoever you are…what it boils down to is  making a positive change in the world for students. 

Share A Smile "Happy" Video from Meadow Wood Elementary

Click HERE to see a video created by Thornwood Elementary to bring some smiles to students and staff prior to the STAAR testing in Spring 2015.

Our Mission: It's as simple as saying YES.

We, the employees of SBISD, believe a culture of excellence is the foundation of scholastic and personal success, and, thereby extend to students, families, colleagues and community our highest level of service.

Share a's contagious!

The 2014-2015 Share A Smile Award Winners

This year we almost doubled the number of campuses and departments participating in the Share A Smile Customer Service Campaign. Thirty SMILING groups received recognition at the May 2015 Board Meeting for completing three Share A Smile Activities during the 2014-2015 school year. A variety of participation awards were earned:

  • First year participants earned large Share A Smile banners plus a drop down sign with their location name and school year on it.
  • Second year sites received a 2014-2015 drop down sign to add to the large sign they earned last year. This is a "growing" award!!
  • Nine schools and departments reached the three-year participation milestone, and earned the coveted Share A Smile Blue Carpet Award!! They also received the 2014-2015 drop down sign to add to their lobby banner. Here are some photos of proud Blue Carpet Award winners:

Our Pledge:

Every SBISD employee will extend the highest level of Customer Service by answering “yes” to these questions:

  • Did I welcome you?
  • Did I hear you?
  • Did I value you?
  • Did I help you?