Spring Forest students wear a uniform mode of dress. The uniform mode of dress will be strictly enforced. The school administration reserves the right to adjust the uniform mode of dress standards in order to maintain school-appropriate appearance.

Students who violate the uniform mode of dress policy will receive disciplinary consequences.


·         2-4 button polo-style shirt with collar (no cleavage).
·         Short or long sleeve.
·         White, navy blue or yellow.
·         Must be solid (no logos).
·         SFMS polo style shirts are acceptable.
·         Length must be enough to stay tucked in when raising hands.
·         Undershirts and under garments, solid white or grey, no logos or designs.

·         Must not be oversized.

Spirit shirts are allowed to be worn every day with uniform bottoms and with jeans on Friday.

·         May be cotton, twill/poplin, or corduroy.
·         Khaki color only
·         Must fit at hipbone, be hemmed and must not touch the ground, be cut at the seam, be rolled or pegged.
·         Spandex, or jeggings are NOT permitted.
·         Pants must be fitted and may NOT sag. NO sagging.
Skirts, Skorts, Jumpers, Shorts
·         May be cotton, twill/poplin, or corduroy.
·         May be straight or pleated.
·         Khaki color only
·         Length must be no shorter than three inches above the knee.
·         Spandex is NOT permitted.
·         Must be cotton, long sleeve pullover (NO hoodies).
·         May be navy blue, white or gray.
·         Must be solid (NO logos).
·         SFMS sweatshirt permitted.
·         Must NOT be oversized.
·         Must be solid (NO design).
·         May be worn under skirts that are aligned with dress code.
·         May be white or navy blue.
·         Tennis style is preferred.
·         Sandals are allowed (must have back).
·         Shower shoes/water shoes are NOT permitted.
·         Flip flops are NOT permitted.
·         House shoes/slippers are NOT permitted.
·         Chains on clothing are NOT permitted.
·         Piercing of the face will be limited to the ears only (NO gauges).
·         Jewelry must be tasteful and not excessive.
·         NO tattoos including drawing on self with marker tip pens.
·         Must be a natural color.
·         NO facial hair of any kind.
·         NO designs, lines in hair or eyebrows.
·         NO hats, bandanas, hair nets or do-rags.
·         NO style permitted that would cause a distraction to classroom instruction.
·         Spirit Day Dress Code-Days will be designated by building principal.
·         Jeans must fit at top of hipbone, be hemmed, and must not touch the ground or be cut at the seams.
·         NO jeggings.
·         Students may wear SFMS spirit shirt, or appropriate uniform top.
·         Blue jeans only, (NO colors).