What happened this week in Texas History?


Jan 5-Jan 8th - The roles in the Three Branches of Government. Discuss the three levels of government. 

Jan 11 th– Jan 15th– Discuss and learn the Seven Principles of the Constitution; discuss how a bill becomes a law; discuss the role of county government.

Jan 19 th– Jan 22nd– Debate topics in class and create a government Poem.  

Jan 25 th– Jan 29th– Government Speakers come to SFMS – compare and contrast the Texas Constitution with the United States Constitution; different points of view inn political parties.

Feb 1 st-5thDiscuss the Republic of Texas and recap the Texas Revolution; Explore Sam Houston’s first term as President of Texas

Feb 8 th– 12thDiscuss Mirabeau B Lamar term as president, Discuss Sam Houston’s second term in office. Compare and contrast both terms.

Feb 16 th– 19th– Discuss Anson Jones’ last term in office; Texas Annexation; and Texas Statehood

Feb 22 nd- Feb 26thRepublic of Texas Test; Begin discussing the immigrant group in 1880’s Texas.

Feb 29 th– March 4th– Discover the concept of Manifest Destiny; Begin the Mexican-American War.

March 7-11 - Causes and events that led to the Civil War. 
March 14-18 - Spring Break 

March 21- 24 North vs South; Slavery and the Underground Railroad; Civil War Battles inn Texas 

March 28-April 1- Emancipation Proclamation; Texaon the Civil War Homefront; Juneteenth 

April 4-8 Texas Freedman’s Bureau; 13th, 14th, &15th amendments

April 11- 15- Native American Raids and Buffalo Soldiers. We begin Learn Your States Fridays this week. 

April 25- 29- Cowboy culture; cattle drives; and Texas Ranches 

May 2-6- King Cotton and Texas Tenant Farming 

May 9-13 STAAR Testing and the 1900 Storm 

May 16-20 Spinal Top and the Texas

May 31 - June 3 - Finals 

Test/Quiz Dates


Jan 29th - Government Acrostic Poem Due 

Feb 2nd- Government Test 

Feb 23rd- Texas Statehood Test 
MOVED - Feb 26th

March 8- Mexican- American War/ Texas Statehood Test 

April 12 - Texas and the Civil War 

April 15 State Fridays Begin 

May 5 - Texas Cattle Test

May 26- Famous Texans Project due