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Laura Boyd


7th Grade Science- Pre AP, GT, Grade Level

Girls Volleyball & Basketball

Bachelors of Business Adminstration - Major Finance - University of Texas


For More Information about Ms. Boyd's Science Class, Please click HERE. You Can Find Class work, Home work, Extra Credit and Science Resources. You can also print most assignments.




Homework is usually assigned a few times a week. Check your agenda for the most current homework information.

Late Work: Home work that is not turned in at the beginning of class will begin at 75 before being graded. Thereafter the maximum grade possible is a 50%. You have until the end of the 3 week grading periods to turn in late work. It is up to the student to remember to turn in late work.  This policy does not apply to labs, quizzes, tests, and projects. Labs, quizzes, tests, and projects will only be accepted on their due date unless an absence occurs.

Absence: It is the absent students responsibilty to collect all missing assignements from an absence and to make resonable arrangements to make up quizzes, tests, and labs within the week of the students return.  These are best taken care of during weekly tutorials. Most worksheets can be found on my Wiki page.



Tutorials are held Monday & Thursday before school at 7:50.

Due to schedule conflicts tutorials will occasionally change and will be posted in the classroom on the board.  Students are also welcome to attend Ms. Azeem's tutorials. Students are expected to seek help from any of the above teachers.