All student projects, presentations, process (multi-draft) papers, and timed writing will be evaluated using scoring guides or rubrics that target specific objectives. Sometimes the teacher will evaluate student work; at other times, the student will receive commentary and feedback from peers. Occasionally, the student will evaluate his or her own work. Students will also practice necessary skills in a non-grading structure, freeing them to concentrate on the learning experience itself. 

Homework will be assigned and written on the board every day. It is your responsibility to write your homework assignment in your agenda. 

Grading Scale

-          Homework – 15%

-          Daily Work/ Quizzes – 35%

-          Tests/ Projects – 50%

o   Students will be recommended to attend tutorials in order to retest in the event of failure


Late Work Policy:

-          Students who turn in assignments one day late will receive a maximum grade of 75%

-          Students who turn in assignments two days late will receive a maximum grade of 50%


-          Students will receive a zero for assignments later than two days


Test/Quiz Dates


Please see individual calendars for specific quiz and test dates.

Extra Practice


Tutorials and Help - ELA 6th Grade Team - Ms. Metoyer & Ms. Westerman

ELA Team - Both of the 6th Grade Language Arts teachers hold a formal morning & afternoon tutorial:



7:45 TO 8:20  


   3:30 TO 4:15



Due to the nature and variety of personal, family, and administrative demands on our schedules, flexibility is a key tutorial concept for the 6th grade ELA team. Students are expected to timely communicate their tutorial needs so they receive the help they need when they need it.

Students are encouraged to arrange for extra help on any given day. All students are free to attend either or both of Ms. Metoyer or Ms. Westermans' tutorials for general help, re-assessment assistance, and/or for an alternative approach to address a particular difficulty.