The ESL Program at Spring Forest Middle School provides intensive instruction in English through the use of accelerated learning and second language methodologies. The program is designed to ensure that each second language learner develops proficiency in the comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing of the English language. Students learn in a supportive and caring environment provided by certified teachers. There are two levels of ESL offered at Spring Forest (beginner and newcomer), which assist the student in mastering the essential knowledge and skills by following the English Language Proficiency Standards. These levels are based on each student’s proficiency level in English determined by the IPT, an oral language proficiency test, TELPAS ( which measures listening, speaking, reading, and writing) and the STAAR. It is the goal of these support services to assist the student in developing his/her language proficiency so that they can be successful in the general education setting.

The ESL teacher often consults with the students' general education teachers in order to promote student success. Accommodations and modifications are part of  every teachers' responsibilities.Our newcomer and beginner students are in regular science, social studies, and math classes and need support.