THE BRUIN - 2017 [broo-in] noun

a bear, especially a large ferocious brown bear. 

Yearbook Adviser:


Phone: 713-251-4462


Order your yearbook today at, or by calling SmartPay at 1-800-853-1337, or by returning the order form(s) received in the mail. 

All payments are made online or sent directly to SmartPay/Balfour. Please do not send payments to the school. 

Order forms will mailed out the week of October 3rd and November 14th. If you choose to order online please disregard the mailed order forms. Please keep a copy of your receipt either way!

The price of a pre-ordered yearbook is $55. Yearbooks purchased after January 20th will cost $65 (supplies are limited).

Please submit a separate yearbook order for each child (instead of ordering multiple books under one student's name). This makes distribution less confusing!

During the week of October 24-28

 we will hold a CASH ONLY yearbook sale at the school. Students can fill out a yearbook form and pay cash at the attendance office.




8th grade ads allow families to leave a personal mark in the school yearbook by expressing pride and support in what their 8th grader has accomplished during the time they spent at Spring Branch Middle. Ad sales also contribute the school's yearbook program. 

8th grade ads can be purchased and designed online through the Balfour website. Upload your own photos, personalize key features, and add your own text. Click here to get started.

The deadline for purchasing 8th grade ads is JANUARY 20, 2017! Due to printing deadlines, we will not be able to accept ad requests after this date.

NOTE: Photos for ads must have a resolution of at least 300 DPI.

Available ad sizes & prices:

Full Page - $250

1/2 Page - $130

1/4 Page - $70

1/8 Page - $40

1/16 Page (text only) - $25

* NOTE: We may make slight changes to created ads to allow for proper fitting and consistency on pages.


This is an opportunity to donate a yearbook to a student. You may donate to a specific student or make a general donation. There will be a random drawing for general donations.

Thank You!

Click here to get started.