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  • Teaching for middle school (6-9) Language Arts for 8 years
  • 2nd year at SBMS

About Me


SBMS Students are Punctual - they are on time every period and in their desks when the bell rings. 

SBMS students are Prepared - they arrive with needed supplies and assignments, ready to learn. 

SBMS students are Productive - they are awake, alert, and on-task, actively participating and challenging themselves. 

SBMS students are Polite - they speak positively, appropriately, and with manners; they respect others' property, and they clean up after themselves.

 Amber Nicholas


Conf: 1st Period

 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Summer Reading Work  8/24/2016104.29 KBDownload
Reading Log Week 3  10/11/201614.39 KBDownload
Trick or Treating (Short Story)  1/23/2017785.52 KBDownload
The School Play (Short Story)  1/23/2017664.97 KBDownload
Noel  8/26/201624.47 KBDownload
Dark They Were and Golden Eyed  8/26/2016232.00 KBDownload
Blackmail (Short Story)  1/23/2017923.23 KBDownload
Literary Elements Questions (1/23)  1/23/201712.46 KBDownload
First Job (Short Story)  1/23/2017756.50 KBDownload