Grade 6 - Patricia Cezeaux

Grade 7 -Marco Garcia

Grade 8 - Kate Roth

Request to See Counselor
Students are always welcome to come sign up to see their grade level counselor on the clipboards in the Counselors office. Parents are welcome to set up an appointment to conference with a counselor by calling 713-251-4400. Another option for both students and parents is to submit a request form electronically.

Developmental Assets
The Building Blocks Students Need to Succeed
Spring Branch Middle School will be using the "40 Developmental Assets" as the basis for Social and Emotional Learning this school year. More information is found on the Developmental Assets Webpage.



Q: Who do I go to if I need to update our personal information (i.e. phone number, address, emergency contact information)?
A: If it is an address change, you must bring legal proof of the change to Ms. Verdinez in the attendance office.  All other information changes also go through Ms.Verdinez.

Q: How do I check my students grades and attendance?
A: You must pick-up your Parent Portal password from the front office. The legal parent/guardian will then have 24 hour a day access to your students grades and attendance, including tardies.

Q. How does my student come see the counselor at school?
A: The counselors' office door is always open!  Sometimes, the counselor may be busy with another student or parent, or in a meeting.  If that is the case, please have your student sign up on the clipboard for their appropriate grade level.  Their counselor will call them out of class as soon as possible.  If it is an emergency and a counselor is not in the office, please go see the nurse.

Q: What does my student do if they need a schedule change?
A: During the first 2 weeks of school is the time period when most schedule changes occur.  Your student should pick up a yellow schedule change form from the counselor's office, take it home to be signed by a parent or guardian, and drop it back off in the counselor's office. After 2 weeks, a schedule change is usually only made for emergency situations or a move from a PreAP class.

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