SBMS Calendar


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To add the Calendar to your devices


Android Phone (note: it takes a while to sync the first time – best to do over wifi)

Log into your own gmail calendar on a computer

Return to this page and click the “+ Google Calendar” button above

This should open a new tab with your own google calendar displayed. If that is the case, then click “Yes, add this calendar”

(if your account isn't what popped up, then you are signed into more than one account at the same time – log out of google and try again)

On your phone: Force your phone to sync by

“settings” “accounts” “google””select your own account name” “more” “sync now”

Then go to your calendar app and find “settings” A list of all your calendars will show up. Select PUBLIC SBMS Calendar and turn the slider so that it will sync.



Iphone - on your phone


“Mail, Contacts, Calendars”

“Add Account”


click "Add Subscribed Calendar"

copy and paste the below code for the address

Do not include a user name or password - “Save”

(Note: sometimes you will get an "SSL error add anyway?"  If that happens, cancel and start over - Apple and Google sometimes don't like to play nice together)

Questions: email