Social Studies

6th Grade World Cultures Faculty

Jennifer Taylor 

Mackenzie Wilhide

Leslie Mayberry

7th Grade Texas History Faculty:

Dara Baker Department Chair

Marilu Perez

Katie Schaper

8th Grade U.S. History 1607-1877 Faculty:

Meagan Hudek Department Chair

Trevor Johnson

Katie Schaper

Mackenzie Wilhide

 Social Studies Grading Guidelines

7th & 8th Grades
60% - Tests, Major Projects, 9-weeks Evaluation of Interactive Notebook
40% - Homework, Daily Work, and Quizzes - quizzes to count twice or as 2 daily grades.

6th Grade
50% Tests, Major Projects
30% Daily & Quizzes
20% Homework - Quizzes count as two daily grades if the quiz is taken in class.

Under these guidelines we will keep the 3 test/major project rule for each 9 weeks so that no test/project will count more than 20% of the overall average.

Social Studies Department 

Every student in each grade will be creating their own Interactive Student Notebook.  By tying prior student experience and learning to new historical and cultural information, the student will be able to draw conclusions, compare / constrast events, and ulitmately see the impact of history, social issues, and cultural change to their own lives and  futures. The Interactive Student Notebook becomes a unique and individual expression of the student's own learning. Lesson design and delivery is varied to reach all types of learners so that each student becomes more aware of their own strengths and learning style. It is highly recommended that parents ask to see their child's Interactive Student Notebook on a regular basis to comment on outstanding acheivement or  to add support when needed.

We welcome and encourage parent communication through teacher's email, phone conversations, or conferences. Please visit your child's individual teacher's web page for their contact information and scheduled tutorial times. Please encourage your student to attend any tutorial for their grade level even if it is not their assigned teacher.