Spring Branch Education Foundation (SBEF) is now accepting applications for 2016-2017 school year.  Apply now for SBEF scholarship opportunities.  

Student Scholarship Application Click Here

The deadline for all applications is February 28, 2017 at 4:00 pm.  This means the application must be received by this date and this time.  Only completed applications will be considered.  

Disbursement Form: To claim scholarship funds please download the Disbursement Form and return to SBEF with a copy of your acceptance letter from the educational institution that you will be attending. Click Here

SBEF awarded 127 scholarships in the amount of $135,000. The Foundation hosted the third annual Bright Stars of SBISD, Celebrating Academic Excellence event to recognize a record number of scholarship recipients as well as Teachers and Principals of the Year.   


SBEF Employee Campaign Scholarship   

Thanks to very generous employees, SBEF’s 2015-16 Employee Campaign had a banner year! Scholarships of $1,000 were awarded to 47 graduates, children of SBISD employees.

  • Academy of Choice – Luis Funes, Katelynn Hollister
  • Memorial High School – Carol Ann Iler, Victoria Lioliou, Omar Olivares-Cordero, Regan Reese, Rachel Robertson, Courtney Slattery, Kelsey Slattery, Teresa Vergult
  • Northbrook High School – Daisy Castillo, Oscar Herrera, Ashley Oliva
  • Spring Woods High School – Jacquelyn Andrade, Clarissa Cano, Jessenia Covarrubias, Brittany Garcia, Kevin Lucas, Andrew Martinez, Kendall Neal
  • Stratford High School – Kelcy Allen, Thomas Birdsong, Ryan Brown, Marianna Davis, William Fowler, Andre Frederick, Megan Gardner, Emily Gex, Sawyer Greenhill, Melanie Hastings, Helen Hemphill, Addison Johnson, Isobel Makin, Taylor Meyer, Nicholas Phucas, Natalya Pomeroy, Mary-Kate Scurlock, Hugh Sharp, Jared Willis
  • Westchester Academy for International Studies – Zeynep Dikmen, Clinton Dougher, Marie Drosche, Jon Lim, Joshua McCune, Jesid Post, Emily Ripkowski, Diana Villareal    

Other scholarships were presented to SBISD graduates by individuals or organizations, funded through SBEF.

  • Advocates of Education Scholarship, $1,000 – Wade Borrer, Melissa Cisneros, Milton Rico Hernandez, Janeth Lopez, Marvin Melgar, Tuan Le Q, Ramon Vargas, Maryuri Ventura, Northbrook High School
  • Warren Barfield Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Henry Baring, Andrew Kelly, James Lewis, Benjamin Moak, Sydney Slack, Stratford High School
  • Andres Bautista Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Sarah Garcia, Jose Gonzalez Valles, Nhi Ho, Ruth Lopez, Enrique Urdiales Sosa, Spring Woods High School
  • Benjamin Cuellar Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Kiana Banafshay, Stratford High School
  • Chris Gilbert Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Sophia Park, Spring Woods High School
  • CITGO STEM Scholarship, $1,000 – Fredy Corrales, Northbrook High School; Ashton Bates, Danielle Greene, Steven Grooms, Abigail Hirst, Mariam Khaldoon, David Mogilevsky, Alexander Plant, Alyssa Plant, John Strong, Nicolas Terrazas, Stratford High School; Anthony Gonzalez, Kevin Le, Emily Navejar, Daniel Villagomez, Westchester Academy for International Studies
  • Council of PTAs Scholarship, $1,000 – Sarah Stephenson, Memorial High School; Jasmin Rodriguez, Northbrook High School; Shane Promsaka, Spring Woods High School; Lawrence Collins Jr., Emily Joseph, Stratford High School; Sara Farrokhi, Westchester Academy for International Studies
  • Friends of SBEF Scholarship, $1,000 – Charles Sewall Howell, Stratford High School
  • Frostwood Elementary PTA Scholarship, $1,000 – Emma Lay, Memorial High School
  • Goldstein Altman Scholarship, $2,000 – Allison Eggert, Madiha Faisal, Uma Jacobs, Jonathan Keith, Matthew Stephenson, Memorial High School
  • Dr. Hal Guthrie Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Judith Chan, Northbrook High School
  • Hunters Creek Elementary PTA Scholarship, $1,000 – Madeleine Batiz, Stratford High School
  • Meadow Wood Elementary PTA Scholarship, $1,000 – Sean Hurst, Stratford High School
  • Memorial Middle PTA Scholarship, $1,000 – Jackson Holland II, Yuna Kim, Stratford High School
  • Nabors Industries Scholarship, $1,000 – Sung Kim, Stratford High School
  • Monica Neubauer Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Bahareh Sharafi, Kaiwen Shen, Memorial High School
  • Rachel Pendray Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Dana Duong, Melisa Lopez Emiliano, Matthew Rodgers, Spring Woods High School
  • Prosperity Bank Scholarship, $1,000 – Karenza Shepherd, Northbrook High School
  • Rummel Creek Elementary Scholarship, $1,000 – Katherine Thomas, Stratford High School
  • Shadow Oaks Elementary PTA Scholarship, funded by Valley Oaks Elementary PTA, $1,000 – Esteban Gomez, Spring Woods High School
  • Spring Branch Education Foundation Scholarship, $1,000 – Mario Sidonio, Northbrook High School; Olivia Brady, Justin Carlin, Darian Julun, Molly Murphy, Collins Rush, Stratford High School; Sam Farrokhi, Westchester Academy for International Studies
  • Spring Branch Lions Club Scholarship, $1,000 – Xinyu Liu, Stratford High School
  • Spring Forest Middle School PTA Scholarship, $1,000 – Claire Koenig, Stratford High School
  • Stratford High School PTSA Sister School Scholarship, $1,000 – Elvira Campos, Amy Castillo, Magdalena Delgado, Northbrook High School
  • Valley Oaks Elementary PTA Scholarship, $1,000 – Kennedy Conlee, Spring Woods High School
  • Judy Weisend Memorial Scholarship, $1,000 – Kayla Smith, Stratford High School
  • Wells Fargo & Company Scholarship, $1,000 – Sarah Calhoun, Stratford High School          
  • Wilchester Elementary PTA Scholarship, $1,000Julia Gex, Stratford High School
  • Wilchester Men’s Club Scholarship, $2,500 – Jennifer Brann, Reilly Lawrence, Stratford High School    

Community members who wish to support scholarship programs are invited to make tax-deductible donations to the Foundation and earmark it for scholarships. Call 713.251.2381 or visit for more information.