Our Mission

Spring Branch Education Foundation is committed to supporting our students and educators. We partner with Spring Branch ISD and the community to fund programs that enhance education and prepare our students for the future. 

Our Challenge

Local taxpayers pay additional taxes attributable to increases in property valuations,  However, the additional tax dollars do not remain in Spring Branch ISD under the current State of Texas public education funding formula. Unfortunately, the formula was recently confirmed as constitutional by the Texas Supreme Court. See www.springbranchisd.com for important additional information about the severe funding problem facing our school district. 

Our Solution

Private funding, through the Foundation, remains in the district and helps enhance quality of education. SBEF raises funds only for SBISD. Last year, the Foundation donated more than $1 million to the district, reaching students on every campus through grants and scholarships. 

Support SBEF

Together, we can achieve our ultimate goal of excellence in education for every SBISD student. Donations can be designated for specific district-wide or campus projects. Donors are recognized district-wide, and all donations are tax deductible. 

Donation Online

2018 Scholarship:

If your child is a graduating senior of an SBISD high school, he/she is eligible and encouraged to apply

2018 Scholarship Application

The deadline to apply is Monday, February 26, 2018 by 4:00 pm.

Upcoming Event:


Sunday, April 15, 2018

BlackHorse Golf Club

12205 Fry Road, Cypress, TX. 77433

More information to come soon!

Watch the video below to see how SBEF is helping our students and teachers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I pay a mountain of property tax each year, why would I want to give the district yet more money?
You're not the first person to ask that questions.  Many of the district's stakeholders choose to make donations through SBEF to finance beneficial education expenditures for which money is not otherwise available from state funding. See www.springbranchisd.com for more information. 

SBISD is in a wealthy neighborhood.  Surely parents are stepping up to the plate. 
The perception is that our district is a wealthy one, but our student demographics may surprise you: 57% are economically disadvantaged; 52% are academically at risk; 33% have limited English. SBISD covers 44 square miles. It's a very diverse area.  We depend on thousands of donors and hundreds of volunteers from the community. Among the volunteers, some have children in school and others have children who have graduated. We volunteer because we want to help children across the district and make our schools better. Some of our schools don't have strong PTAs or a lot of parental involvement, and that's where SBEF plays a vital role. 

What's the difference between the Foundation and a PTA? Does SBEF divert funds from a PTA?
We work closely with the district's PTAs and do not divert money from them. Rather, we strengthen schools by providing an avenue to fund programs that are not included in a PTA's budget. Your donations, through SBEF, can be designated for a specific program on any campus.  Gifts are tax-deductible, and donors receive district-wide recognition. 

If I want to support a program at my child's school, why shouldn't I write a check to the school?
When a donation is made, other than for a campus fund-raising project, payment should be made to Spring Branch Education Foundation, the charitable organization through which donations to the district are channeled. SBEF has routine procedures in place to recognize and provide correct documentation to support tax-deductible donations. At your direction, a donation will be 100 percent used to support a specific campus activity. 

What's the difference between donor-designated grants and any other grant?
Donor-designated grant money is used only for the donor's specific wishes. It might be an organic garden or classroom computer - that's up to the donor. The money "passes through" SBEF to fund the specified project. Other grants are funded by money raised at our events or unrestricted donations. Twice each year, we accept grant applications submitted by district and school staff or volunteers. A Board committee looks carefully at the applications. 

How do you determine where SBEF's grant money goes?
A Foundation Board committee reviews the applications to determine how the money can best be used - the most bang for the bucks, so to speak. Donations fund innovative programs in three different ways.    Seed money - In some instances, SBEF has provided start-up money for important district-wide initiative. Examples: SpringBoard Mentoring Program, Good Neighbor Program, Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum     District-wide grants - District departments ask the Foundation to help support specific and far-reaching programs. Examples: Artspartner field trips for grades 1-8, transportation to summer STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) camps      Campus grants - Distributed twice each year, these grants fund diverse education-enhancing programs. Examples: cross-age tutoring, summer library hours for the community, sensory-based motor labs.