Second Grade

In second grade, our goal is to inspire, to care, and to motivate our students to help them reach their highest potential. Together, we help our students develop strong work habits, encourage positive behavior, achieve success, and become productive citizens.

Language Arts
A very important part of second grade is becoming a successful reader. Reading instruction is taught in small guided comprehension groups every day. We reinforce reading strategies and comprehension. The students learn to create mental images, make connections, ask questions, and infer while they read. Through all of this, students learn to be independent readers and thinkers.

Another very important area of the language arts curriculum is writing. Students learn to use the writing process to write their own stories. During Writer's Workshop, teachers are able to meet the individual needs of each student.

Math is taught through a hands-on approach using manipulatives, math games, computer games, and workstations, as well as the traditional pencil and paper. Students learn to ouse the Problem Solving Model to solve story problems related to everyday situations. Math objectives for second grade include:

  • Numbers, operations, and quantitative reasoning
  • Patterns, relationships, and algebraic reasoning
  • Geometry and spatial reasoning
  • Measurement concepts
  • Probability and statistics
  • Math processes and tools used in problem solving


Units taught in second grade include:

  • Air and Weather
  • Balance and Motion
  • Habitats
  • Birds


Social Studies
Units taught in second grade include:

  • All American Kid
  • Me and My World
  • A Hero in Every Heart
  • Show Me the Money