Fifth Grade

The fifth grade team at Ridgecrest Elementary is comprised of a diverse group of certified teachers with studies in sociology, Greek studies, theology, psychology, early childhood, and education. The team has one teacher with a Master's degree and four with Bachelor's degrees. Teachers have G/T, ESL, and bilingual certification, and each has eight to twenty-eight years teaching experience in grades from pre-kindergarten to high college level.

The fifth grade curriculum in science helps students to demonstrate an understanding of the nature of science, life sciences, physical sciences, and earth sciences through hands-on activities using FOSS kits and the inquiry method.

The curriculum in language arts helps students to be "careful" readers before, during, and after reading a story or article. Students are exposed to culturally diverse written texts where they are taught how to apply knowledge and understanding of literary elements using a variety of strategies that ask them to employ critical-thinking skills.

The mathematics program in fifth helps students to demonstrate understanding through problem-solving situations with numbers, operations, quantitative reasoning, patterns, relationshops, geometry, algebraic reasoning, spatial reasoning, measurement, probability, and statistics.

Social Studies makes history come alive by developing the student's understanding of our country by encompassing topics in geography, colonization, the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Industrial Revolution, westward expansion, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and twentieth-century America.