One of the commitments to technology has been to provide a full time technology expert as a member of the Ridgecrest teaching staff. This person's main responsibility is to train teachers and students in the basics of technology usage and to lead them to higher levels of application and critical thinking through the use of multi-media approaches to technology within the classroom and curriculum.

The school has five fully networked teaching labs equipped with approximately twenty-five machines per laboratory as well as televisions, digital cameras, laser printers, multi-media hardware/software, and high-speed Internet connections available to the students and staff. As part of the program, each student is given keyboarding instruction on a rotating basis throughout the school year. Classes are also given the opportunity to use developmentally appropriate software and programs in labs designed for their grade levels.

Ridgecrest receives support from a District Technology Specialist as well as his assistants, whose main responsibility is to keep the school's hardware and software online and operational, as well as maintain student databases and support classroom technology operations.

Each classroom has a minimum of two computers (one with multimedia capabilities) and a laser printer for each grade level. The school's goal is to provide a minimum of five computers in each classroom. The campus technology committee, consisting of representatives from each team, works to create the campus technology plan including the curriculum competencies used at each grade level.