Accelerated Reader

Beginning in the spring of 1997, Ridgecrest Elementary decided to implement the Accelerated Reader Program for grades one through five. This program provides students an opportunity to read a wide variety of books on their reading level. After reading the book, the child completes a computer generated comprehension test.

The Accelerated Reader program enables students to monitor their progress in reading as to which books have been read, at what comprehension level, and gives them a print out of how many points they have earned toward their reading goals and toward special recognition and rewards.

These print outs enable students, parents, and teachers to have immediate access to each child's reading progress.

Initial books and test disks were purchased in June 1997, and will continue to be purchased as funding becomes available. Accelerated Reader training was provided to the staff in August 1997. Following teacher training, each classroom teacher presented the program to the students. The goal of the program is to increase the child's love of reading and to encourage growth toward higher levels of reading proficiency.