Sign Up Calendars for Spaces in the school


The calendars below are for large group spaces available in the school.  If you would like to use one of the spaces please contact Karen Harrell, the school librarian, to request your time.  During the school day, the space is first reserved for school activities.  PTA meetings, grade level meetings and other meetings that support RCE may also schedule during the day.  After school use of places for scout troops and other student groups can be scheduled.  Rules for the spaces can be found on this document.  We appreciate you treating the spaces with care.  We want our building to stay new and fresh for years to come.  Food MUST be outside!

Here is an overview of the activities going on at RCE:

 Room Numbers                Monday                          Tuesday                            Wednesday                              Thursday                                      Friday                    
 E101 Spanish  Violin   Spanish  
 Art Room (G101)  Art  *  *  *  *
 Science Lab (G109)  Art  Mad Science    Spanish  
 Music Room (G108/106)  *  Spanish  *  Spanish/Choir  *
Cafeteria  Y Y Y Chess (begin in KIVA) Y

* Teacher Classroom - need to give teachers afternoons to work in their classrooms