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Our math program includes a variety of sources.  In conjunction with our adopted curriculum, Singapore Math In Focus, we also have flipped instruction to allow children to watch and re-watch particular lessons.  These lessons can be found on our grade level blog:  With all instruction, children will use manipulatives to help build and master all mathematics skills.  Topics include:

  • Place Value Relationships
  • 3 Digit Addition & Subtraction
  • Real World Problem Solving
  • Beginning Multiplication
  • Beginning Division 
  • Measurement - Metric & Customary
  • Money
  • Fractions
  • Personal Finance Literacy
  • Time
  • Graphs
  • Geometry


Our Science program includes multiple, hands-on learning investigations that are geared to provide and develop reasoning skills.  Stem-Scopes provides an exciting approach that enhances our state curriculum.

  • Matter and Energy
  • Force, Motion and Energy
  • Organisms and Environments
  • Earth and Space

 Language Arts:


Our Reading Curriculum is geared to use the balanced literacy approach, our students are engaged in Readers and Writers Workshop.  Following the Daily 5 structure, students rotate through 3 stations where they focus on:

  • Reading to Self
  • Working on Writing
  • Listening to Reading
  • Word Work
  • Reading to Someone

During station time, teachers pull small groups to work on word work, fluency and accuracy and reading comprehension.  All groups are individualized based on student’s DRA Level, Words Their Way Spelling Inventory, and individual needs. 

 According to our district’s policy, students entering 2nd grade are considered “on-level” based on our assessments level 18 DRA II.  For them to be considered “on-level” at the end of year, students need to be reading on a level 24 / 28 DRAII.


Our Writing curriculum is delivered using the CCP (Consume, Critique and Produce) approach, students will become literacy detectives in the following areas:

Traditional Literature / Narrative Stories

Fiction / Narrative Stories

Nonfiction and Procedural Text / Topic & Letter Writing

Literacy Nonfiction / Stories From My Life




Word Study / Spelling

Based on the student inventory for spelling, students will be grouped into various categories that focus on:

Word Sorts fro Letter Name - Alphabetic Spellers

Word Sorts for Within Word Pattern Spellers

Word Sorts for Syllables and Affixes Spellers


Social Studies:

When applicable, Social Studies will be integrated into our Language Arts Curriculum.  Units of study include:


Geography and Culture





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 Second Grade is using Flipped Learning in Math.  Check out our

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