The Rummel Creek Elementary music curriculum is child-centered with emphasis on the love and enjoyment of music through beautiful singing and instrumental application. It is through direct experience with music- making that basic understandings of musical concepts and musical skills are introduced and developed. Weekly music instruction is available to all children in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade.
The development of skills and music literacy is approached through a spiraling sequence using a variety of materials and approaches. These approaches include rhythmic and singing games, rhymes, instrumental activities, manipulatives, listening experiences, movement, seasonal, classical, and folk music.
Every fourth and fifth grader has the privilege of singing in the Rummel Creek Choir. This wonderful group performs on and off campus at various times throughout the school year. Fifth Graders also have the opportunity to be a part of the drumming, movement group, “Rockin’ Roadrunners”.
The objective of music education is to provide multi-sensory learning experiences to utilize as many of the multiple intelligences of the child as possible. According to current research, the inclusion of music in the curriculum improves other subjects’ testing scores. More importantly, it leads to the overall enrichment of the education of the whole child.





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