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Mrs. Hanlen


The Kindergarten program at Rummel Creek provides a developmentally appropriate, integrated curriculum that enhances the "whole child.”  Our goal is to create self-motivated, life-long learners while providing a nurturing and safe environment.  Our classrooms are discovery-oriented, print-rich and arranged in learning stations. Our children visit health fitness, music, art, and computer lab weekly. They have opportunities to reinforce concepts each day through the use of technology in the classroom. 
Children engage in varied, meaningful learning experiences and hands-on activities enabling them to develop a sense of ownership for their learning.  We focus on problem-solving and choice-making.  We provide instruction for all learning styles and individual needs.  The teacher, parent, and child work together as a team to ensure the child's success and well- rounded development.
Some components of our program include:
·         Oral language development
·         Guided reading groups
·         Shared reading
·         Phonological awareness
·         Alphabetic understanding and Phonics
·         Small group instruction
·         Print-rich, literate environment
·         Listening comprehension
·         Concepts about books
·         Sight Word knowledge
·         Interactive writing/Independent writing
·         Writer’s workshop
·         Word study
·         Handwriting without Tears Program
·         Hands on exploration
·         Use of Manipulatives
·         Problem solving
·         Sorting and patterning
·         Number concepts
·         Graphing
·         Addition and subtraction
·         Place value
·         Probability
·         Estimation
·         Measurement

·         Math Workshop



·      Scientific Method




       Sun and Moon





Social Studies Units of Study

·         Rules and Communities

Traditions and Homes

Project Class

Texas and US Symbols





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Science Units of Study