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Meredith Ramey, Helen Ann Brasher, Erin Hiner, Ally Smith, Haley Davis

Language Arts   

In first grade we use a variety of different approaches to teach reading.  We have reader’s workshop time every morning to have 30 minutes of uninterrupted reading on each child’s independent level. We also work at the children’s instructional level during small group instruction.  Guided reading groups allows us to differentiate reading instruction to meet all children’s needs.  A combination of phonics and whole language activities are used to build on students’ vocabulary and fluency rate.  We work in large groups as well as small groups in order to meet the needs of all students.  The children are also engaged in active learning workstations.

Throughout the year, we use the Writer’s Workshop approach to teach writing at a differentiated pace.  We will be learning about different genres of writing including non-fiction, personal narratives, essays, and letter writing.  Writer’s Workshop incorporates grammar, editing skills, handwriting, and the writing process into each day’s lesson. 


 Our math curriculum involves the use of manipulatives, problem solving techniques, and learning games in order to teach many different strategies so that students become better problem solvers.  We use the Math in Focus curriculum. Important strands of learning that will be covered throughout the year include:

-  Numbers Concepts and Relationships to 120

-  Addition and Subtraction to 99, no regrouping

-  Money and Personal Financial Literacy- Identifying coins, Spending and Saving

-  Time to the Hour and Half Hour

-  Graphs

-  Measurement

-  2D and 3D Shapes



Social Studies & Science

The following units are taught both during the year through our Science and Social Studies curriculum as well as being integrated into our Language Arts curriculum:

§  Citizenship and Community Helpers (rules & procedures)

§  What is a scientist? (scientific method, safety, tools)

§  The Five Senses

§  Leaders in our World

§  Holidays

§  Cycles (animal life cycles, seasons)

§  Characteristics of Day and Night (sun, moon, types of clouds)

§  Phases of the Moon

§  Weather and Temperature

§  Maps, Globes and Cardinal Directions

§  Natural Resources 

§  Soil

§  Friends Near and Far

§  Matter and Energy

§  Force and Motion

§  Living and Non Living Things

§  America the Beautiful

§  Texas

§  Insects 

§  Economics (Needs & Wants)

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