Fifth grade at RCE focuses on responsibility and middle school readiness, while making sure that our last year of elementary school is fun.  There are numerous opportunities for students to be involved in school activities that are offered only to our 5th graders.

In Language Arts, the focus is on careful reading of informational text, as well as book clubs.  By integrating across the other subjects, we write persuasive essays and poetry.  Vocabulary instruction and grammar continues at a higher level and a foundation for parts of speech is cemented. 

Fifth grade math builds on students understanding of the whole number place value system.  It requires students to demonstrate the mathematical understanding of operations, fractions and decimals.  The student develop concepts of algebraic reasoning and solve multi-step problems in problem solving situations.

We study American History from exploration through the Civil War.  Using the History Alive curriculum, the lessons are very interactive and carry over into Language Arts.

Fifth grade science is geared towards building young scientists. We use hands on experiments to instill a passion for science, as well as a deeper understanding.

 Websites to use - 

Vocabulary - Demeris

Science Log in - Stemscopes


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