First Grade


Our first graders at Pine Shadows are excited about this new school year! The children are provided opportunities to explore their learning through reading, writing, math, science and social studies.  The students apply their new learning to make connections.  They demonstrate their knowledge through the use of journals, partner sharing and working together as a group, as well as some projects.


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Maribel Baertschi

email:  (713) 251-6500 ext. 6569
Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas, México
Conference time- 8:25
Connie Camacho
email: connie.camacho

Maria Gomez
Delouise Lumbley
BS Elementary Education
Lamar University
Mrs. Martin
Degree: Bachelor of Science - Excelsior College
Conference time: 8:30 - 9:05 
Natalie Plavney
Degree: BS in Early Childhood Education from Tarleton State University
Conference Time- 8:30- 9:10
Even after 13 years of teaching, I still love the everyday challenges that teaching brings. Although I’ve taught Kindergarten and third grade, first grade is by far my favorite. I love watching the progression and excitement as children learn how to read.
Laura Ruiz
Email: ; extension 6575
Currently working on her M.Ed in Educational Psychology from the University of Houston
Celina Salazar
Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Foods
University of Houston


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