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Elementary Music Curriculum
We recognize the importance in music for our students at Pine Shadows.
We know that music is fundamental to the overall development of the
child. Brain research has supported this belief with scientific evidence.  
We believe that music impacts learning and the brain as follows:
  • Music enhances cognitive systems (reasoning, creativity,
problem - solving, decision making
  • biological value of music, links to music and emotional intelligence,
perceptual motor systems music and the memory system.
  • MRI documentation shows that the brain's left and right hemispheres

(connected by fibers in the corpus callosum) are 15% wider in musicians
who started music before the age of eight.

  • Music activates and synchronizes multiple brain sites connected
by neurological firing patterns.
  • Studies and subsequent EEG readings suggest that listening to
certain types of music even one hour per day reorganizes brain
structure (Malyarenko, et al. 1996)
  • The neurobiological value of music is derived when the system is

actively repeated and frequently over a period of time. This has been
traced through neuroimaging tools such as MRI's and PET scans.



Who to Contact:

  • Pablo Ocanas, Music Teacher
    • Bachelors - University of Houston
    • Masters - University of Houston
    • (713) 251-6500
    • Email


  • Hollie Carr, Music Teacher