Welcome to Our Bilingual/ESL Site

Bilingual and English as a Second Language programs support students with limited English proficiency. They offer a solid foundation for reading, writing, speaking, and listening to English, while the students learn a variety of subject areas. Students are tested to qualify for these programs.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Spring Branch ISD Bilingual/ESL program is to ensure that each second language learner develops linguistically, academically, and cognitively within a socially and culturally supportive environment.

In a way that:

Supports a student’s linguistic development.
    A student’s acquisition of language includes oral (listening, speaking) and written (reading, writing) language developed through explicit instruction.

Ensures a student’s academic development.
    A student’s academic development includes access to on level content area TEKS with consideration to scaffolding, according to each student’s individual needs.

Fosters a student’s cognitive development.
    A student’s cognitive development includes the power to create meaning, to construct new understanding or interpretation, and to engage in abstract thought.

Values a student’s social and cultural experiences.
    A student’s construction of meaning and acquisition of language includes the social and cultural context of his/her experiences in their home, school, community, and the broader society.

So that:

Students achieve long-term, academic success in English in all curricular areas consistent with the district’s Portrait of a Graduate.