Working Together in SBISD

Creating A Culture of High Expectations

The Spring Branch Plan 2012-2017 is the district’s five-year academic plan to increase student achievement and develop a culture of high expectations for all students.

The plan’s strategic imperative or goal, known as Spring Branch T-2-4, challenges the system to double the number of students completing a technical certificate or military training, two-year or four-year degree.

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Take a look inside The Spring Branch Plan: Critical Measure and What Drives Our Work

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The History of Our Current Strategic Plan

In the fall of 2010, Spring Branch ISD launched the process to develop the District’s next five-year plan which will be known as The Spring Branch Plan, 2012-2017.  This five-year plan will guide SBISD through much of the coming decade with a focus on:

  • improving academic performance of all students,
  • graduating all high school students, and
  • preparing all students with the qualifications and skills necessary to enter college or post-secondary training and exit successfully.

A Steering Committee, comprised of district administrators, parents, students and community members, met twice in preparation for the launch of the Spring Branch Plan Task Force, a larger group of approximately 85 stakeholders which convened in January, 2011 to begin its work.

The Task Force

The Task Force was charged with developing Findings and Directions will serve as the foundation for major initiatives and systemic transformations to guide the district through 2017.  Performance measures developed and recommended by the Task Force will hold the district accountable for attaining the transformations and improvements called for in the Findings and Directions.

The Task Force began its work in late January with two Visioning Weekends led by national educational leaders in areas ranging from technology to cutting-edge research in teaching and learning. Charged with “stretching“ our system to be more innovative in leadership, management, motivation and learning, the Task Force will overlay insights from these futuristic thinkers with results from SBISD’s current five-year plan performance measures to complete the Findings and Directions.

Following the development of Findings and Directions, the SBISD Board of Trustees and senior staff worked to develop a draft goal, beliefs and critical measures. During Fall 2011, a series of community meetings was held to garner feedback on the proposed goal. The Task Force also reconvened to review the draft and offer input. During February 2012, all campus-based staff participated in principal-led focus groups with feedback from each campus provided to the SBISD Board of Trustees. At its regular meeting on February 27, 2012, the Board of Trustees voted to approve the Goal and Belief Statements.

More Information

Contact Linda Buchman, SBISD Community Relations Officer, or Kathy Goss, SBISD parent and co-chair of the Spring Branch Plan Steering Committee.