NMS Dress Code Guidelines

If you have any questions, please contact an administrator at 713-251-4100.






Collared shirts must be worn at all times.

Solid, plain button polo

Black, Grey, Navy, White


Tailored with straight legs. Cannot be baggy / tight. No sweatpants, leggings, or spandex.

Cotton, polyester, twill, poplin. No jean / corduroy

Khaki, Navy, Black, Grey




 Must be no higher than 3 inches above the crease of the back of the knee.  Cotton, polyester, twill, poplin. No jean / corduroy  Khaki, Navy, Black, Grey
 Sweatshirts and Jackets  Only NMS sweatshirts may be worn during the school day. All other jackets / sweatshirts must be put away by 8:15 am.  NMS only  NMS only
 Shoes  Shoes must allow for safe movement throughout the building, including stairs. No flip flops, house shoes, high heels, etc.  Must be fastened at all fastenings  Canvas, Leather  
 Belts  Optional:  Must be sized and worn appropriately. Solid belts only  (plain, no adornments such as studs, insignia, etc.)  Leather, canvas, vinyl  Brown, Black, White, Navy, Khaki
 Spirit Wear - Fridays  

NMS Spirit Shirt or College T-Shirt

Blue Jeans: no holes, rips or tears or Uniform Pants

 Cotton, polyester, twill, poplin or jean  

Blue Jeans or pants:

Khaki, Navy, Black, Grey

Hair  Hairstyles and eyebrow cuts deemed inappropriate – including but not limited to style or hair color -  are not permitted    
 Accessories  No exposed tattoos and/or use of pens / pencils to mark body
  • Chains, necklaces, etc. must be worn inside shirt
  • No clothing with rips, tears, or cuts may be worn
  • Students may not bring blankets
  • No hats, caps, and/or head coverings may be worn
  • Bandanas of any color are not allowed on campus
  • Appropriate earrings only – no spikes, oversized earrings, etc., 
  • No visible facial piercings
  • Earbuds may not be visible during school hours