Ms. Carolina Vanegas-- Attendance Specialist/Web Support

Contact Information

If your student is sick please make sure to call the school's Main Office (713-251-4100) and let us know before 10:00 AM. Please indicate the student's full legal name, grade, and reason. (There is no need to call if he/she will be coming in late with a medical note/excuse).

If your student has to leave campus for a medical appointment, please make sure to sign him/her IN and OUT through the main office and turn in any medical notes, as soon as possible. If you leave a doctor/dentist/ortho office and forgot to ask for a note, you may request them to fax the note to us (713-251-4102).

All other absences require written notification signed and dated (including student's full legal name and reason) and are DUE no later than TWO days upon the students return to campus. Email notifications are also accepted. Please note that some absences may require a confirmation from church, like in the case of a religious observance.

For further details please feel free to call or email me at any time. If I am unavailable, please leave a message including the student's name and grade (spell out the students last name please).