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About Me

  • BSEd from UH in Education
  • MEd in Educational Technology from HBU
  • MEd in Principalship from HBU
  • Taught Health Fitness, Health and Technology  
  • Technology Coach in SBISD
  • Coached Volleyball, Basketball and Track in SBISD

Ms. Kathy Green -- Northbrook Middle School Assistant Principal 

The NMS class of 2021 will be the change we wish to see at NMS! 
The 8th Grade will define success through their scholarly attitude and exemplary behavior! They will be the change we wish to see at NMS this year! They are on the road to a future at a Technical school, a 2 Year or 4 Year college or a career in the armed services. That's the SBISD T-2-4 initiative.

The 8th Grade will work hard at scoring the following on STAAR: 

  •    Reading 75% overall pass LEP 50% overall pass
  •     Math 75% overall LEP 75% overall pass
  •    75% passing overall Math and Reading
  •   30% commended on both Math and Reading STAAR
This year the 8th Grade class will be on the field and court in Health Fitness, in the orchestra, band, theater, and choir participating and showing their pride for NMS!!
Literacy in all areas will be the main focus for both teachers and students. I will lead the charge to see reading, writing and speaking to become a part of every class, every day.
Our teachers and staff will be building those long-lasting relationships with all our students that will reinforce the Northbrook Thinks and Acts. 

The NMS class of 2021 will be  wonderful examples of stellar Northbrook Knights in the making!! It's the countless unseen details that will separate the mediocre from the magnificent.

It's A Great Day...To Be A Northbrook Night!!

The strong should take care of the weak
We are role models for other students
The students of today are the leaders of tomorrow
We act in a way that leaves a lasting impression
We are a family oriented school
We act in a way that earns the trust of others
Our education does not end in the classroom
We give back to our community
The only way to lose is to quit trying
We give one hundred percent every day
Learning is the key to ultimate success
We are ready and willing to work hard
We are all here to make a difference
We each need to perform to the best of our abilities
The journey, not the arrival is what matters most
When we all pull together we can move mountains.
Success is not measured by wealth, but by happiness
We always leave a place better than we found it.
Anything worth doing is worth doing right
We determine our futures
Our responsibilities never end