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English II will expand the knowledge previously learned in English I while elevating ideas and concepts needed to process and communicate information effectively. 

Bachelors of Liberal Arts Degree from the GREAT


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713-251-2951 classroom

713-251-2947 Gym Office

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About Me

  • I try to teach every child I encounter as if they were your my own child. I don't believe in quitting or giving up because something is too difficult.  Let's find a way to be successful.  I believe in working smarter, being honest, being realistic, and having fun.

Short Stories


Harrison Bergeron - 36

Cranes - 421

Blue Stones - 688

By the Waters of Babylon -308

And of Clay We Were Created - 584

Everyday Use - 48

How Much Land Does a Man Need? - 716

The Interlopers - 426

The Pit and the Pendulum - 856

A Chip of Glass Ruby - 694

Two Friends - 438

Shoofly Pie - 182



Night - Character Chart, Section 1 (pgs 3-28), Section 2 (pgs 28-46), Section 3 (pgs 47-65), Section 4 (pgs 66-84), Section 5 (pgs 85- 97), Section 6 (pgs 98-112) Section 7 (pgs 113-115)

Night Project

Night Test

Animal Farm - Character Chart , Chapter 1 Questions, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Character Quiz Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10

Animal Farm Test - 

Animal Farm Project - 

Lord of the Flies -




Vocab 1a 

Words Synonyms Antonyms Matching Quiz 1A 

Vocab 1b

Words Synonyms Antonyms Matching Quiz 1b

Vocab 2a 

Words Synonyms Antonyms Matching Quiz

Vocab  2b 

Words Synonyms Antonyms Matching Quiz

How to find Coach Campbell


1st Period Varsity Athletics - Gym -A-101

2nd Period - English II - Room C-304

3rd Period - English II - Room C-304

4th Period - English II - Room C-304

5th Period - English II - Room C-304

6th Period - Conference - Gym A-101

7th Period - Freshman Athletics - Gym A-101

Social Media

Twitter -  @job_8_7   - Your beginnings will seem humble, so prosperous will your future be.

Instagram - @coach_jcampbell


Tutorials will be from 7:15-7:45 every morning.  If you plan on attending just scroll up to the top and email me. 


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