About Northbrook High School


  • Comprehensive public high school (grades 9-12) offering a quality education in a structured
    environment that includes mentoring programs and other support to a student population
    where 81% are economically disadvantaged. While a dedicated faculty and staff provide the
    framework, a diverse student body provides the talent and experience to make Northbrook a
    great place to learn and prepare students for the future.
  • Northbrook students and faculty are committed to community service, logging thousands of
    volunteer hours in activities such as reading to and tutoring students in elementary feeder
    schools, repairing and remodeling homes for the elderly and cooking meals for the homeless.
  • Supported by Ray Childress Academy Foundation to help students graduate, be involved in
    their communities, and participate in fi eld trips and other activitie
  • Students and their families supported by Communities in Schools (CIS)
  • Academy of Finance offers students specialized training in business and fi nance industryskills
    and requires an internship
  • Collegiate Challenge helps students prepare for college with support of community volunteers
    who mentor students and guide them through the college application process
  • Students strongly encouraged to participate in extracurricular and co-curricular programs
    including athletics, fi ne arts, mentoring and volunteer programs
  • UIL sponsored athletic programs, Class 4A: baseball, basketball, cross country, football,
    soccer, softball, tennis, track and fi eld, volleyball
  • 150 faculty members


Advance Courses Offered

Algebra II: Pre-AP
Art IV Studio: AP
Biology I: Pre-AP
Biology II: AP
Calculus AB: AP
Pre-Calculus: Pre-AP
Chemistry I: Pre-AP
Chemistry II: AP
Economics: AP, EC
English I: Pre-AP
English II: Pre-AP
English III: AP, EC
English IV: AP, DC, EC
French III: Pre-Ap
French IV: AP
Geometry: Pre-AP
Physics I: Pre-AP
Psychology: EC
Sociology: EC
Spanish III: Pre-AP
Spanish IV: AP
Spanish V: AP
Statistics: AP
U.S. Government: AP, EC
U.S. History: AP, EC
World Geography: Pre-AP



To meet all students’ needs, courses are offered in Pre-AP, Advanced Placement (AP), Dual (high school & college) Credit (DC) and at grade level. Students
may also earn college credit through the district’s Early College (EC) program by taking classes at Houston Community College.

Complementing the Northbrook High School offerings, Spring Branch ISD maintains The Guthrie Center which provides career and technology opportunities for all students in the district in Agriculture Science, Computer Animation, Automotive Technology, Cosmetology, Architectural CAD, Computer Networking, Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Electronics, Hotel Management, Media/Video Technology, and Naval Junior ROTC.

Technology rich environment including Wi-Fi campus; ACTIVclassrooms in all English, math, science and social studies classes; 8 computer labs

Modifed 7 Period Day: Each class meets 50 minute 3 days/week & 90 minutes 1 day/week

18 weeks/semester; 6 week grading period